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04 September 2006 @ 10:53 pm
Misery begets no company  
I really like the line in Saved! (one of my fav films) where Mandy Moore -- yes, the bubblegum singer -- says "This is not how I wanted to remember my prom. This is not how I wanted to remember my life." 

It's an awesome line, full of feelings and emotions and other useful things. I often think of it myself. This is not how I want to remember my life.* Writing and reading porn might not be as bad for you as taking Es or even getting drunk every night, but it's still an addiction and an unwholesome one at that. All reading is dangerous, in fact. Never doubt that for a second. 

Still, I'm too lazy to actually figure out how I would like to remember my life. 'Not like this' does cover it, but it's rather non-specific. Then tonight I watched Junior Doctors, a programme about (wait for it) junior doctors at St Vincent's in Dublin. Holy fuck, that's not how I want to remember my life either. I get this sinking feeling that my future is not going to be anything like Grey's Anatomy. 

(No, the fic-dumping is not over. I'm sorry if it bothers people, especially HP people, but in truth I have no idea why most of you are here. No. Idea. My life hardly makes for enthralling reading, and you can find all my fics in the Mistresslists or my memories. In any case, I want to see my fics all prettily laid out on my journal, even if no one else does.)

* the key is not to remember anything ever at all. spend most of my life trying to do that, i'faith.

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every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Blue dancerscoradh on September 4th, 2006 10:17 pm (UTC)
Mmmyeah. I mean, that programme wierded me out a little. I know two things: I'll be able to cope, but I'll also be sick with terror for god knows how long. Not a tempting prospect.

And ... I just feel funny. I think I miss the days when I knew everyone on my flist. It's like there's two hundred people out there who are just ... looking at me. I have no idea why. D'you know that's the first time I've used the word 'fuck' in twenty entries? Maybe more? Yet I use it all the time IRL.

Chalk it up to PMS or something, meh. ♥
empathic_siren on September 4th, 2006 10:27 pm (UTC)
If it's any consolation (and it's not much, admittedly) I am working in a profession that, on one hand, I love, and on the other, I loathe. I remember, after having gone to school for what felt like forever, starting my job and realizing within the first week that I was going to be miserable. I've stuck it out and five years later I'm still miserable on occasion, but I've also had some really amazing moments, too. It all comes back around.

as for the f-list, its both curious and strange, isn't it? Don't think about it. I'm all for sticking one's head in the sand occasionally. ; )