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You dig. I dig. We all dig together.

FAKE  -- I re-read volume one for the first time in two years. I like it a lot more now than then, when I was a bit 'sophistry and illusion, consign it to the flames!' (ie 'not enough boysmut'). Since then I've read enough boysmut to launch a ... a ship full of porn, so the plot and extra characters were a good deal more welcome. It's a shame that there's little chance of me finding anything other than volume seven shoved into the back of a shelf in Other Realms with a twenty euro price tag. I'll never know if Ryo and Dee get busy.

Euro -- this is not a plural. You can have one euro and one cent, or you can have one million euro and one million cent (I wish I did). This has been annoying me since Beer Fest, and probably before then. Look, I know it's stupid that there's no S, but there's undoubtedly a good reason for it ...  no, actually, it'll be a daft and pointless reason but the fact is, the paucity of pluralism is correct. Don't piss off the Monetary Union, yo. One day we will pwn your asses.

Writing -- yes, I'm having that cyclical slump. Compounded by the fact that I have precisely one week and a half before I start college again and I'm desperate to get the two fest fics at least well started before then. That very need is holding me back. Also not helping: my abrupt shift in style, where I'm writing frilly frothy little things that barely scrape past the 5000 word mark. Those big fics? Are EXHAUSTING. I feel they're the only way of breaking through in fandom and I don't want to abandon them, yet I really do not have the energy or compulsion right now. Maybe it is gone forever. I don't know. I do not like being too scared to write, I can tell you that much.

Feedback -- I haven't been leaving much lately. This is due to limited online time -- I have to bookmark things and I tend to lose the impetus to comment when not actually connected. Intend to rectify this when I have a constant connection. It makes me feel like a heel.

College -- Only a week and a half till broadband. And, er, even more work. Bit of a double-edged sword, that. What scares me about Junior Doctors is not the horrible hours or Ore-sama consultants but the lack of time. Time for me. My writing. Even term-time severely limits that because I'm so damn tired all the time, and I must needs prioritise -- study has to come first, like it or not. (Not.) I know I'll be able to handle being an intern, but if push comes to shove I don't know if I'll want to handle it. And forty-five million other employed people say: So what?

Books -- I fail to see why The Color Purple got such critical acclaim. I'm not that stupid -- I know the grammar is purposely skew-wiff. Yet the shocking bits didn't shock me, and the ending made me go WTF? Then again, my knowledge of American history is thus: you threw some tea in the ocean, there were Indians, you weren't very nice to black people, and you put flags everywhere. For all I know American apartheid wasn't even over when the book was published, thus explaining its pertinence at the time. Also finished: Shadow of the Giant, finally. In about three hours, which made me headsick. Response: WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Seriously -- what? And now, my lovely David Gemmell, Heroes in the Shadows. Should write an essay about how heroes are made not born, forged in adversity, and are almost always reluctant, but can't be arsed. My meta blows. 

RPGs -- 3 years in fandom, and I have yet to a) entirely figure out what these are and b) fathom the appeal. It's all very Fight Club, too. If you aren't down with a or b, NOBODY will tell you.

Tags: inside of a dog it's too dark to read, socially acceptable schizophrenia
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