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Nurse, the screens!

... I need playing-doctors!fic. Like now. C'mon, think of the options ... Oshitari ... Oishi ... Yukimura (look, he's bound to have picked something up from all that time in the Big House hospital). I NEED THIS. 

(Not that I expect anyone to oblige me ... but Paolo Coelo does say that when you really want something, the Universe gives it to you -- ooh-er -- so I'm putting this out there. One day there will be playing-doctors!fic and on that day I will die happy.)

I think I'm having a reaction to the nearness yet so-farness of yaoi_daily. Four months without it, and now only two weeks till it's back on tap. 

I wonder does this make me a porn baron, like Barney?!

ETA: Ryoma is a seme. Non?
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