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15 December 2006 @ 12:25 am
PoT Fic: Built This Way [3/4]  
Built This Way
this part: R - NC-17
Konomi's, not mine

a/n: Apologies for the lateness of this posting. I was hanging with my best friend, watching … er, Wimbleton. Hey, it's research, right?

Ohtori lies curled around a pillow. He can't take his mind off Shishido's kiss, hot and rough against his mouth. He hasn't been able to concentrate since he made it back -- in a daze -- from the practice rooms. He tries to tell himself that it's not a big deal -- that Shishido was just thanking him, like he said. It doesn't work. Maybe it wasn't a big deal to Shishido, but it was to Ohtori.

To distract himself, Ohtori lets himself drift into a fantasy. Predictably enough, it's the one in the piano rooms. He's playing a haunting etude in the gathering dusk, as Shishido makes himself comfortable by spreading his jacket on the floor.

"We can use them for pillows," dream-Shishido says, as always. Ohtori nods as he lets himself be carried away by the music, but always held to earth by the prickle of awareness tying him to Shishido. When the piece draws to a close he looks back at Shishido, waiting for the customary praise.

Shishido has taken off his shirt as well.

Ohtori tries to backtrack, but it's too late. Shishido is smiling at him in a way that Ohtori's never seen before. His mind is filling in the blanks, knitting together glimpses of Shishido's body from over the years. When Shishido's hand moves down to his own zipper, Ohtori squeezes his eyes shut and wills away the image.

He settles on the comforting one of Shishido in bed, propping his sleepy head on his hand. But Ohtori's traitorous mind betrays him, changing the look on Shishido's face from one of drowsy benevolence to something else entirely. When he lifts up the covers for Ohtori, he's not wearing his pyjamas. He's not wearing anything at all.

"Come on, Choutarou," says Shishido, his voice gruff. He pulls Ohtori down against him and kisses him over and over, leaving Ohtori gasping in real life.

It's when he imagines Shishido slipping his tongue into Ohtori's mouth that Ohtori realises he's hard. In the middle of the evening, with all the lights on and his roommate due back any minute.

Ohtori buries a groan and his teeth in the pillow. He thinks of his mother, tennis -- no, not tennis, Shishido with a racquet, Shishido covered in sweat, Shishido's shirt rising as he jumps for the ball -- anything that doesn't involve bad -- (sexy) -- no, bad thoughts about Shishido Ryou.

When he's finally calm, Hideki makes his entrance. He's quivering with rage, but Ohtori's head is so messed up that he barely notices. He does, however, notice when Hideki stands right in front of him and prods a shaking finger into his shoulder.

"What?" Ohtori isn't in the mood for one of Hideki's rants about who was supposed to

empty the wastepaper bin.

"I saw you!" hisses Hideki. "Kissing that Shishido-san! You're disgusting, Ohtori-kun, that's what you are."

"Huh?" Ohtori's head is whirling now, far worse than when he was thinking about Shishido with no clothes on. "What do you mean -- were you --"

For a moment Hideki looks wrong-footed. Of course, he's not supposed to be in the music rooms -- he's not in the music club. Then again, neither is Shishido. It's not a hard and fast rule, but Hideki had no reason to be there.

"Where you following me?" accuses Ohtori.

"I was looking for you," corrects Hideki. "You -- your mother called the dorms, and the dorm master sent me to fetch you."

"Oh." Ohtori digests this. He's surprised his mother didn't ring his mobile, like she usually does. Maybe the battery has run down.

"No wonder you're always hanging off him." Hideki sneers. "Is he your boyfriend or what?"

"No! He -- it was just -- he was thanking me for teaching him piano, that's all." Even as he says it, Ohtori's heart sinks. If that's really all it was, then ... then, Ohtori is disappointed.

Because he does want it to be more.

"Huh." Hideki begins to tear off his clothes. Ohtori politely averts his eyes. He supposes he should get changed for bed, but he's still not sure he's calmed down quite enough to move.

He decides he'll visit Shishido later. Perhaps he'll still be feeling grateful. Ohtori feels his stomach squirm when he thinks that, but he can't help it.

But Shishido doesn't answer his knock. Eventually, Ohtori tries the doorknob. It's always possible that Shishido fell asleep.

The door is locked.

Ohtori feels a sharp pain deep in his chest. Why would Shishido lock the door? People only do that when they're leaving the room, not when they're already in it.

Worse is to come when he finally returns to his floor. All the lights are on, inspiring growls from those who wish to sleep. The dorm master is standing in Ohtori's room. One look at Ohtori, fully dressed and entering through the fire door, is enough.

"Grounds privileges denied for a month," sighs the dorm master. His flinty gaze adds: You've let the side down, Ohtori.

Hideki is facing the wall. Ohtori can tell he isn't asleep. He can also tell, from the tight bands of muscle in Hideki's neck, that he's feeling guilty because he dobbed Ohtori in.

When he checks his phone, he's not even surprised to see that it's fully charged.


Shishido hears Ohtori's knock and feels guilty for not answering it. But the fact is, he's got his hands down his pants at the time and there's no way in the world he's opening the door to Ohtori with his a tent in his shorts. Especially just a few hours after kissing him. Ohtori might think that Shishido is trying to seduce him or something awful like that. He'll come up with a good excuse tomorrow.

The fact is, Ohtori is also the reason why Shishido is jacking off in the first place. His soft little mouth, those long lean legs ... Shishido has been keeping his awareness of Ohtori under wraps for a while now, but kissing up opened the door to let all those feelings out in the open. It's made all the worse by Ohtori's naiveté. Shishido can tell that Ohtori bought the thank-you excuse -- hell, he did too, right up until he stepped into the shower and imagined Ohtori in there with him. Pressing him up against the wet tiles, sticking his tongue down his throat, grinding against him, robbing him of that innocence touch by touch.

He needs time to adjust, and he's not sure how to explain that to Ohtori. He's developed a bit of a crush, that's all. It'll pass in time and then they can go back to normal.

He's surprised to find Ohtori's little roommate waiting outside his room when he goes out the next morning. He can't help flushing -- he'd spent a lovely ten minutes touching himself and guiltily imagining it was Ohtori's hand he was guiding before he got up.

There's a nasty look on the kid's face, too. Shishido hopes Ohtori hasn't been stuck in with a bully, but he's sure Ohtori would have told him if that were the case.

"You're a pervert," says the boy.

Shishido has heard politer greetings. He decides to return it in kind. "Get out of my way, asshole."

"You're a pervert and by the end of the day everyone else will know it too." The boy sticks his face right up into Shishido's. Shishido has to admire his bravery, misplaced as it is. "You'd better stay away from Ohtori from now on."

"Whatever, kid." Shishido brushes him off, rather amused.

An hour later he is far from amused. He is burning with rage -- and guilt.

Gossip about him and Ohtori is swamping the school like a tidal wave. Their little kiss has evolved in the telling until it's a steamy make-out session, complete with unbuttoned shirts, heavy petting and all the details the yaoi-centric core care to add. Shishido has been the recipient of catcalls, jeers and lewd remarks since first period.

When he sees Ohtori's roommate at lunch, Shishido wastes no time in pasting him up against a tree. "It was you, wasn't it?" he growls.

"Get your hands off me, or I'll cry rape." The boy is incredibly calm, and incredibly evil. Shishido lets him go.

"I warned you to stay away from Ohtori." The boy's face is full of twisted triumph. "You didn't listen. Are you listening now?"

Shishido glares. The boy meets his gaze, stone for fire. "Yeah, I'm listening."

"Then here's what you'd better do," says the boy. "For your sake. But mostly for Ohtori's."


Ohtori is still worried about Shishido when he plays a ranking match the next day. To his surprise, he wins. He barely registers the fact that he's been made a Regular until an amused Atobe points him to the Regulars' clubhouse when he leaves to change.

Most of the other Regulars are running laps for some time infraction or other. Shishido enters last. Ohtori tries not to feel hurt that Shishido neither congratulates him nor even comes near him, instead choosing a changing spot at the other side of the room. Ohtori immediately begins to fret that he's done something to offend his quick-tempered friend. All he comes up with is the kiss, which can't be it -- Shishido instigated it, after all.

"Ohtori-kun!" Mukahi slings an arm around Ohtori's neck, dragging himself to his tiptoes to do so. "It's great to have you back. Everyone else is immune to my teasing."

"So am I," protests Ohtori, earning himself a disbelieving snort from Mukahi. Mukahi swings his hair out of his eyes and smirks at Shishido.

"So, I heard you and Shishido were making out in the piano rooms yesterday," he says, loudly enough to be heard in Timbuktu. "Congratulations on finally getting it together. I've had a bet on with Yuushi since middle school --"

"What did you say?" Shishido's voice is low and dangerous, but it carries just as well as Mukahi's in the sudden silence.

Mukahi drops his arm and retreats a step, even though Shishido hasn't moved. "What's wrong, Shishido-kun? Was it in a different room?"

"Don't be fucking stupid," snarls Shishido. "As if I would do something so -- so filthy."

He slams his locker shut and stalks out, but not without first throwing a scathing look at Ohtori.

Ohtori is suddenly standing in the middle of his own personal Ice Age.

"Geez, someone's touchy today," remarks Mukahi -- but not, Ohtori notes, until the door behind Shishido is well and truly shut. "Did he get his period, Ohtori-kun?"

Ohtori tries to speak, but it feels like his lips have been frozen shut. To his horror, tears build behind his eyes. He blinks rapidly, trying to stop them, but more only well in their place.

"Don't worry," says a soft voice in his ear. Jiroh's arms come around Ohtori's neck and he rests his forehead against Ohtori's back. When did Jiroh get so tall? "Shishido's an ass, but he'll get over it."

Ohtori manages to nod, his hands over his eyes to soak up the leaks. Vaguely, he hears Atobe clearing everyone out of the changing rooms. "No, Kabaji, leave Jiroh today."

After a long while, Ohtori realises that Jiroh has fallen asleep against his back, and that all his tears are gone.

"He kissed me," says Ohtori stupidly. Jiroh comes awake with a yawn.

"I know," replies Jiroh quietly. "That's why he's scared."


The hurt confusion on Ohtori's face cut Shishido to the quick. If it weren't for the fact that Hideki had insisted that saying it was the only way to dispel the rumours, Shishido would have bailed instantly. But Hideki is a scary little shit despite his puny appearance, and Shishido would never do anything to compromise his friend's reputation. Even if it means temporarily damaging their friendship.

Because Shishido isn't about to let this continue indefinitely. He'll corner Ohtori somewhere private -- in the piano rooms, maybe -- and explain everything to him. He'll probably keep Hideki's name out of it, though. Ohtori still has to room with the guy. Shishido isn't about to poison the air between them while they share living space.

Yet when he gets back to his room a nasty surprise is awaiting him. Shishido doesn't recognise the dorm master in question, but he knows the uniform well. At first Shishido thinks he's come to confiscate a hot plate or check that Shishido vacuumed the floor. Shishido is polite and affable as he can be, right up until the dorm master starts talking about Ohtori. After that Shishido gets a bit dizzy, what with words like 'bullying', 'coercion,' 'same sex relationships' and 'frowned upon' being thrown around. He can't even get enough of a grip to dispute what the dorm master is implying -- to tell him that it was nothing, barely half a step up from a hug, no different from kissing his brother (not that he would -- disgusting).

"I think you'll agree it's best if you kept your distance from Ohtori-kun for the foreseeable future," finishes the dorm master. "I understand that he tutors you in piano and that you were doubles partners in the tennis club. Obviously he has an attachment to you, which is probably why he hasn't reported you for inappropriate behaviour. It is up to you to do the right thing."

"The right thing," echoes Shishido numbly.


Ohtori used to love hard candies when he was younger. His mother warned him that he'd break his teeth, and Ohtori nodded solemnly and ate them anyway.

One day he broke a tooth, just like she said. He had to get it removed. It was painful when the jagged edges jolted at every movement or brushed his tongue. It was painful getting a needle in his gum. It was painful waiting as the tender skin scarred over.

But one day it didn't hurt any more.

Ohtori isn't sure where he's at right now -- whether Shishido is the broken tooth, the needle or the empty socket. All he knows is that he's in pain and it's not going away.

Every new snub hits him with a new shock of hurt. Atobe tells him that he'll be playing doubles with Mukahi for a while, because Shishido and the tensai want to try their hand at singles. Ohtori presses, and reluctantly Atobe concedes that Shishido asked for it to be that way.

That stings.

Ohtori waits in the piano room for three consecutive nights, wondering each time if Shishido forgot the last. The faint throbbing escalates into a full-blown burn when he finally admits to himself that Shishido isn't coming any more.

That really stings.

But these things he could handle, these things he could adapt to -- if Shishido wasn't so determined to exorcise every last remnant of their friendship. There are valid reasons for Shishido wanting to return to his singles spot (even though he said once that they were going to take back doubles one, didn't he?) or to discontinue his piano lessons (despite his fulsome gratitude to Ohtori for providing them). It's even possible that Shishido, careless as he is, simply forgot to mention those salient facts to Ohtori.

What isn't right is that Shishido is avoiding him. Not even being a bit distant or thoughtless, as he often is, but literally ignoring Ohtori -- brushing off his attempts at conversation, walking in the other direction when he sees Ohtori approaching, looking away when their eyes meet across crowded school corridors.

That hurts so much that Ohtori can barely breathe for thinking of it.

He sleepwalks through spring, passing exams and playing tennis and practising music all on autopilot. He stops going home at weekends, preferring to lie on his bed in Hyoutei and let his mind drift to the past.

Hideki is abrasively cheerful these days. He seems to have entirely got over his dose of the grumps, and keeps trying to get Ohtori to come out with his raucous art friends. Ohtori refuses, at first politely, and later with a mute shake of the head and blazing eyes. He's lost a friend, but he's in no hurry to fill Shishido's place with stupid painters -- or even, as Hideki suggests, a girlfriend.

No, Ohtori doesn't want a girlfriend. He wants Shishido. This realisation comes to him on one of the sultry Saturday afternoons, when the air is so still it feels like time has stopped. Ohtori wakes up from a fitful doze and a fragmented dream wherein he and Shishido are playing tennis in the desert, dripping with heat. He opens his mouth in a silent moan of remembrance -- waking is daily torture -- and his heart contracts as he wishes for Shishido to appear at the door.

Preferably naked.

If they'd still been friends, Ohtori would have quashed his longings firmly and totally. If they'd still been friends, Ohtori probably would have been able to convince himself that what he was feeling was friendly regard. But they're not friends, Shishido has seen to that, so Ohtori is free to feel whatever angry, aching need he chooses.

It is his anger that fuels him to break through the modesty of his own brain, which is always trying to hide away the naughtier images. In defiance of Shishido and of himself, he lets his imagination roam free. Soon his nights are panting, fevered messes and his mornings sticky. He ignores Hideki's traumatised stares and begins to choke out Shishido's name as he comes. His finger learn quickly to tug hard and squeeze harder.

Without quite deciding to, Ohtori explores his own body further. He kicks away his pyjama pants and rubs his thighs, trails fingers along his belly, brushes circles of fire in ever descending circles.

At first he just imagines that Shishido's hand is his own, touching and fondling him with daring agility. Soon, it's not enough. He has to imagine doing it to Shishido instead -- and the image is enough to make him hard at any time of the day. Shishido below him, straining and gasping his name as Ohtori pins his wrists down and brushes his palm over the head of his cock? Oh, yes, that is enough for a long time.

Other boys profess great knowledge of the female parts, but Ohtori knows with grim certainty that their wisdom is not first-hand. Hideki has a few magazines under his bed. He hasn't troubled to hide them from Ohtori, although he never actually looks at them when Ohtori is around. The big-breasted women leave Ohtori unmoved, but there are lists of the sister publications on the back pages. It's simple to charge a few orders to his emergency credit card. If challenged, Ohtori plans to say it was stolen.

The first time Ohtori pages through gay pornography, he feels sick to his stomach. He doesn't jack off for days, remembering too well the utter realism of the graphic pictures. He's convinced that he's got it wrong -- that he doesn't feel that way towards Shishido at all.

But the writhing bodies are imprinted on his brain and they creep out when he nears sleep, encouraging him to move his hand down. By the time he wakes up Ohtori decides to have another look. While shocked and not a little disgusted, there's undeniably now a part of Ohtori that is also deeply fascinated.

Maybe it didn't have to turn out like this, but it did. If getting hot from looking at two guys sucking each other off is the only thing Ohtori can salvage from the situation, then so be it.

In the meantime, life goes on. Ohtori has a geography paper due, but by the time he remembers it's Sunday. The library is closed. He manages to come up with a decent outline, but there's a lot of points that require verification. His gaze lights on Hideki's little-used laptop. Hideki is out for the day, staging a protest at a modern art gallery or whatever it is he does for fun. Ohtori is pretty sure Hideki won't mind if Ohtori uses his internet connection, but he doesn't really care if he does. Ohtori misses the gloomy Hideki who barely spoke two words to him -- the happy, bouncy Hideki is a crime against nature.

Hideki is logged in and Ohtori absently clicks on the desktop icon while he reaches over for his notes. He realises he's accidentally gone into Hideki's email when he sees the list of subject lines, and is about to x out when he spots his own name among them.

An icy finger runs down Ohtori's spine as the cursor blinks over the email from Hideki to his brother, the dorm master. He wants to smash the laptop into tiny little pieces, but he
reigns himself in.

Smashing Hideki's head in would be far the better option.


Shishido flexes his fingers. He probably shouldn't have practised so long last night, but working on piano pieces without Ohtori is like trying to read Braille with a fork. He can't figure out if he's getting better or worse -- worse, probably -- or what he should do next, but he keeps going to the practice rooms because he can't bear not to.

"Still running in the singles practices?" asks Atobe, as he does every week. Shishido nods. Atobe sighs. Shishido thinks that this isn't entirely because Shishido has managed to single-handedly destroy the most successful doubles team Hyoutei has had in a long time. No one can use intuition the way Atobe does and not remain entirely attuned to the dynamics between his players.

There has been a barely discernable split in the team since he and Ohtori 'broke up' -- as Mukahi insists on putting it. Jiroh is firmly on Ohtori's side, Atobe on Shishido's, and from there the other Regulars range in loyalty. Shishido knows that this annoys Atobe more than the rift itself, but Atobe is the only one Shishido told about the dorm master's warning. Atobe knows there is nothing Shishido can do. Shishido knows there is nothing Shishido can do. It doesn't mean that Shishido doesn't feel like banging his head against a locker most every day out of pure, miserable frustration.

So it is that when Ohtori stalks into the clubroom with one eye swelling shut, blood oozing from a cut on his neck and clumps of his own hair stuck to his jacket Shishido can't help but exclaim, "Choutarou!" His reflex is instantaneous, and he forgets that he's no longer entitled to call Ohtori that.

His remark is lost under the barrage of inquiries from the rest of the team, however. Oshitari sends Mukahi bounding away for the first aid kit, despite the fact that Ohtori brushes off his concern with something like impatience. He also ignores Atobe's imperious inquiry as to what the hell Ohtori thinks he was doing, his gaze scanning the room as if he's looking for someone.

When his eyes stop on Shishido -- sitting stock still with his socks clutched to his chest -- Shishido quails at the fire in those normally placid brown pools. Even Kabaji steps back as Ohtori walks towards Shishido. Shishido only thinks to speak when Ohtori's hand is curling into his shirtfront, and by then it's too late. Ohtori yanks him to his feet. Shishido closes his eyes and waits for the blow.

It doesn't come, but the lips that graze his with fierce tenderness are almost more jarring. Shishido opens his eyes again in shock, trying to ignore the way his body wants to wrap itself around Ohtori and not let go for about a century.

Ohtori releases him so suddenly that Shishido stumbles back against a locker. He's not looking at Shishido when he announces, cool as anything, "You all saw that, right? You saw that I kissed him? Because I wanted to?" He glares at the other Regulars, who suddenly start bobbing their heads like a flock of pigeons. "Good." Ohtori spins to face Atobe. Shishido would swear that Atobe flinched. Ohtori bows. "Please excuse me, fukubuchou. I must go to the nurse. I will return as soon as she is done."

"For goodness' sake, Ohtori," snaps Atobe. "Take this practice off. Don't do it again, you hear?"

"No," says Ohtori meekly. "I will not need to, Atobe-san."

Atobe just flutters his fingers at the door and mutters something that sounds like: "Kabaji,
a large whiskey."

"Does this mean you're his girlfriend now?" Mukahi bounces over to Shishido, nearly crowning him with the first aid kit.

"I don't think so," returns Shishido, and wonders at the bleakness in his own voice.


Right in the middle of the Moonlight Sonata, Ohtori's skin tightens. He knows right away he's being watched, but he doesn't allow himself to falter. In fact he shows off a little -- letting his body sway with the crescendos, leaning in deeply for the pianissimos.

He's not quite prepared for the applause. It's been so long since he's heard it.

"Hey," says Shishido, sliding on to the stool beside him.

"Hey," replies Ohtori. He's feeling shy now that Shishido is right here, and his adrenaline rush long since faded. In the end Ohtori didn't go to the nurse, and neither did Hideki. Hideki got some bandaids and rubbing alcohol from his brother, and they cleaned themselves up as best they could on their own.

"So," starts Shishido, when the silence has wound out long enough to be uncomfortable, "I guess I owe you an explanation."

"I know what Hideki said to you. He told me. You -- you can't be blamed for doing what you did." Ohtori's voice dips because in fact, he does blame Shishido a little.

Shishido appears to agree, for he is shaking his head. "No, I ... I shouldn't have just dropped you without telling you why first. I reckon you would've understood."

Ohtori makes a 'mmm' noise. For one thing, Ohtori would immediately have considered Hideki's involvement in the whole affair suspicious; after that, who knows? He wouldn't have let Shishido go without a fight, but that could have turned nasty. At least Ohtori knows what he wants now.

Shishido's fingers play a nervous little arpeggio. "Are we friends now?"

"No." At Shishido's bewildered look, Ohtori adds, "Don't you get it? I don't want to be your friend, Shishido."

"Oh." Shishido snatches his hand back as if the piano had just caught fire, and uses it to scrub through his hair. "You're still angry, then."

"It's not that." Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, Ohtori rests his fingertips on Shishido's jaw and turns his face. "I want to be more than your friend." He presses his mouth to Shishido's -- a mere peck, but enough to send Ohtori's pulse racing faster than his Scud serve. "I want to do things to you," he whispers, his lips wet on Shishido's jaw. "I want to -- fuck you." He can't help that his voice catches a little on the word.

"Choutarou!" gasps Shishido, but he's not pushing Ohtori away. "Since when do you --"

"I had a lot of time to think." Ohtori shrugs. His face is still warm from confessing to
Shishido, but it's nothing to Shishido's fiery blush. He didn't even know that Shishido could blush.

"A-ah." Shishido stares down at where his fingers have become tangled with Ohtori's. "I'm not sure -- I mean, I missed you -- but --"

Ohtori disengages his hand and puts it on the piano. He plays a C scale from the one end of the keyboard to another, counting the notes so he doesn't have to think about Shishido's rejection.

"Hey." Shishido nudges Ohtori's thigh with his knee. "Look at me, Choutarou. I can't think who else I'd want to -- you know -- with." At that, Ohtori does meet his gaze with a smile. Even Shishido's nose is red. "But, like, I don't know if I'm ready to -- well. Do things."

"Fifty," says Ohtori suddenly. "Fifty days is seven weeks, right?"

"Yeah." Shishido worries at a loose thread in his jacket. "It's been too long, Choutarou."

Ohtori can't hold in a smile. He hasn't been the only one counting, then. "Fifty days -- fifty white keys. That's how long I've wanted you. I'll give you fifty days, Shishido. If you don't like me back by then, you never will."

Shishido's mouth crooks up. "You've changed."

"I didn't have a choice."

"No." Shishido's voice hardens. "But I did. You gave me fifty days to like you, Choutarou -- but I'll give you fifty days to make it up to you."

"I said it was okay," protests Ohtori.

"That's because you're basically a really good guy," says Shishido, and Ohtori isn't
imagining the way his voice softens. "I need to do this, you understand."

"Well." Ohtori finds Shishido's hand and lifts it to the ivories. "You can start by showing me how much worse you've got since our last lesson."


Shishido lies on Ohtori's bed with Ohtori beside him, running through geometry problems. As Shishido explains the theorems Ohtori nods, sucking in his lower lip in concentration and nodding occasionally. It's when Shishido absently taps his pen against the pillow and Ohtori's eyes follow the movement that Shishido realises it's not maths that Ohtori is paying attention to.

It's been a week. Shishido has done a little something for Ohtori every day: fetching him new manuscripts for music class, carrying his books in the hall, re-binding his racquet with grip tape. Today it's tutoring in what is arguably Ohtori's worst subject: maths. He sometimes gets Cs in it. Shishido heard once that music and maths were closely connected and to be good at one you had to be good at the other. Ohtori's clearly an exception.

Ohtori sees Shishido's raised eyebrows and ducks his head. "Sorry, Shishido." Shishido begins to smile but stops suddenly when Ohtori adds, softly, "You have such beautiful fingers."

Shishido's stomach tightens. Ohtori is so earnest, so transparent. "Ohtori," says Shishido, "what are you going to do if I ... say no?"

Ohtori's eyes widen like Shishido told him his father just died. He hides it with a little laugh and leans in. "I guess I'd do this." He nuzzles his lips into the corner of Shishido's mouth, his cheek brushing the beginnings of Shishido's stubble. "And then I'd run away, and hope you were still my friend."

"Oh, really?" Shishido turns his head ever so slightly. "So you wouldn't do ... this?" His mouth finds Ohtori's -- it hasn't gone far -- and latches on.

Shishido hasn't been kissed all that often. A few times at parties and family gatherings, but that's it. He's still not sure where everything goes, but he makes little rubbing movements against Ohtori's mouth and hopes he's doing okay. Ohtori's gasps suggest that he is. When Ohtori's mouth falls open under his, it freaks Shishido out for a second. Then he feels wetness gliding over the tingling nerve endings rounding his lip. He realises Ohtori's tongue is in his mouth. They're making out on Ohtori's bed and suddenly Shishido's skin is hot all over.

Ohtori breaks off and leans on his hand, panting. His lips are a little swollen and it's all Shishido can do to not to lean across and start over. But they have homework, and a disapproving roommate due back any minute. Besides, this might mean Shishido is saying yes ... and then what?

He retrieves his pen for something to do. It's gone under the pillow. When Shishido slides his hand after it, he encounters cool glossy paper. A magazine. A dirty magazine, on closer inspection.

He expects Ohtori to blush at the discovery, especially given that there are naked men romping on the cover and several well thumbed, suspiciously wrinkled pages. But Ohtori just grins into his ear and whispers, "Do you want to borrow it?"

Shishido wonders later if Ohtori put it there on purpose.
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Cedonycedony on December 15th, 2006 12:47 am (UTC)
I feel so bad about rushing a comment off like this when your fic is so wonderful and really deserves something more in depth, but you've already made me late because I just HAD to read this fic before I went off to meet my friend^_^.

This was great, like all the other parts, and I love where you're going with it. I also really loved Ohtori's daydreaming sequence and how he tries to push back on the more pervy ones, but can't quite manage, and the thing with his creepy room mate! I have nothing but love all around!!!

every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Silver Pair: soppyscoradh on December 15th, 2006 10:06 am (UTC)
Gah, I could say the same thing myself. When I posted this, at about half-twelve or something, I saw that you had more of your Atobe/Mizuki up! I really wanted to read it right then but I knew I was so tired I couldn't do it justice. I'm hoping to get to it right after this, as I'm on a break 'tween lectures. ♥

I have a lot of experience in pushing back pervy daydreams about boys I shouldn't. At least Ohtori gets to indulge! :D Glad you're enjoying it.
Kathy: Snowangel_katchan on December 15th, 2006 01:38 am (UTC)
My heart actually broke when Shishido agreed to leave Ohtori alone. I wanted to scream that he couldn't, but I knew that, in the end, it would all work out. I can't wait for the last part, but I don't want it to end.
every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Pretty facescoradh on December 15th, 2006 10:07 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm a sucker for a happy ending. But we must have the false dawn, or whatever it is, first! Thanks for commenting. :D
azurehookazurehook on December 15th, 2006 02:09 am (UTC)
I just want to say that it's been a while since I've read a PoT fic, but MAN this is so good (I only just started lj since I usually read stuff on fanfiction.net). I like seeing choutarou with some more seme characteristics; it's wicked hot.

Can't wait for the last part; it's nice to be able to find a story like this...it's definitely been a while...

every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Ryoma: Pontascoradh on December 15th, 2006 10:08 am (UTC)
Ah, welcome to the wild and wonderful world of lj -- the planet's primary purveyor of porn! :D In fact, most people I know consider Choutarou the seme. I didn't for a long time -- right up until half way through this story in fact. Ryou was gonna be, and then I said '... no.' I was hoping I'd get away with it, and it seems I have. ♥

Glad you're enjoying it!
h_w: Beautiful!hungry_worm on December 15th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
This is wonderful, full of little moments that make the fic precious; I really like the scene with Jiroh and Ohtori, for example, but what I love most about this chapter is how one can practically feel Ohtori grow stronger, even while he's suffering. Or maybe because of it.
I nearly felt sorry for Atobe, for having such a raunchy bunch on his heels. Hee.

Ohtori misses the gloomy Hideki who barely spoke two words to him -- the happy, bouncy Hideki is a crime against nature.
Hah, I agree. But it seems there won't be much bounciness in the near future. *chuckles*
h_w: boobiesquishedhungry_worm on December 15th, 2006 02:43 am (UTC)
I forgot to add that I loved Ohtori's self studies regarding the male lovelife. Funny to see the realistic first reaction, and how curiosity gets the cat after all. I can't help but think that he's too cute for his own good. :)
every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Pompeiiscoradh on December 15th, 2006 10:10 am (UTC)
That was pretty much my first reaction to. But as we can all see, I'm still here ...!
every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Gakuto: WTF?scoradh on December 15th, 2006 10:09 am (UTC)
Ohtori grow stronger, even while he's suffering.

When I was reading this over prior to posting, that's the one thing I felt I did accomplish. So it's good to hear that it wasn't all in my head!

Oh, don't feel too sorry for Atobe. He's got Jiroh to comfort and cherish him, after all. Hehehe.

No, consider Hideki to be conclusively ... deflated.
Innusiqinnusiq on December 15th, 2006 08:21 am (UTC)
Major heartache in this part, and I am soooooooo thankful there wasn't a terrible cliffhanger at the end here. And, a sneaky and very forward Choutarou, I kinda like that! Again, another great part, and I'm a little sad to see the end is nearing. Ah well, give me more of an excuse to just re-read this. Thanks for sharing!
every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Snakey thangscoradh on December 15th, 2006 10:11 am (UTC)
Step forward, seme!Choutarou! Your time has come!

Well, two good things -- you're not hanging around forever waiting for it to finish; and I may write more in the near future! ♥ Thanks for all your comments, too.
Sereniaserenia on December 15th, 2006 11:27 am (UTC)
Man, if this ridiculous heat didn't have the fan blasting away right next to me, this chapter would.
I nearly shouted 'Shishido, you /idiot/!' at my monitor. And I love how Ohtori's come to terms with his feelings and is completely controlling everything. I never really thought of him as confident while Shishido is blushy and uncertain, but it works nicely.
every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Nanjiroh: youngscoradh on December 15th, 2006 12:06 pm (UTC)
Seme!Choutarou strikes again. Sneakily. :D Thanks for commenting: ♥
mango: Shishidomango_32 on December 15th, 2006 11:58 am (UTC)
This is a BEAUTIFUL, beautiful chapter ;_;

How Ohtori's mood shifted and changed and one thing lead to another...*is totally enthralled* This has got to be my favorite chapter so far. I liked how you compared his pain to the broken tooth...god, ouch. Poor boys. The sceneslike the cell phone being fully charged, Ohtori found the door locked but Shishido doesn't come open just because, Mukahi's teasing, and the porn magazine under the bed...(Ohtori must have done it on purpose. XD)Everything seems so real and neatly pinned.

I really, really felt the twist of plot and the impact when Ohtori stalks into the regulars clubhouse and DID that. *clutches chest* Your ways of presenting emotions are amazing. (Ohtori's all like THIS IS HOW WE ARE, HE'S MINE AND WE'RE OPEN AND WTF DOES ANYONE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT?) omg

God, how Ohtori changed in the end of this chapter? It's kind of pained but I really love how it went that way. I love your Ohtori. And with Shishido blushing, furiously~~*fans face*(If it's me I probably would too, gods, daring, smiling, bold, in-control Ohtori...*dies hard*)

"Fifty days -- fifty white keys. That's how long I've wanted you. I'll give you fifty days, Shishido. If you don't like me back by then, you never will."

But Ohtori just grins into his ear and whispers,"Do you want to borrow it?" ♥♥XD Everything's so perfect in the end. ^____^
every Starbucks should have a polar bearscoradh on December 15th, 2006 12:10 pm (UTC)
Oh, your comments are so lovely! I'm just sitting here grinning at my monitor. It makes it all worth it. And I should have the next chapter up fairly shortly, if that's a good thing!

I do love my silver babies. [squishes]

ケイト: SaiRui is LOVEkeight_michelle on December 15th, 2006 12:43 pm (UTC)
waaaai~! I love this chapter.. Even though it was kinda sad in the beginning, absolutely love the last paragraphs.. *wink* heehee.. Can't wait for the last chapter.. You really write the Silver Pair beautifully. ^_________^
every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Hanamura lock up your childrenscoradh on December 15th, 2006 01:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I do love them ever so much. ♥