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Fest Recs

There's always a slight danger, with exchange fests, that you will receive something you don't really like and then have to wax rhapsodic over it anyway. Happily, that didn't happen to me. Both my stories were utterly delightful, and that's why I'm rec'ing them here. Also it's only polite to acknowledge the effort that these Santas went to in fulfilling my requests.

The first is from santa_smex: Momoshiro's Guide to Teen Romance: A Story. It's Momo/Kaidoh, which was my first love in this fandom and will probably always hold a special place in my heart. The writer truly did it justice, crafting an awesome Momo!voice and really going to town on my request. Like the other story, it had a slow-burn pace that built up to a satisfying conclusion, which is just how I like it. (No wham, bam, thank you mam for moi.)

The second is from merry_smutmas: What Seemed Like Ages. This time it's Seamus/Dean. Now there are a lot of ways to go wrong with a Seamus story, because of the misapprehensions that abound concerning modern Ireland. (No, there really aren't any leprechauns.) But this author captured the essence of Seamus' character without having to resort to making him shamrocky, and for that I take off my hat to him/her (probably, we must admit, her). Again, this was no PWP, although the sex was certainly scorching.

Thank you, Santas, and Merry Christmas. ♥
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