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'What the hell' is always the right decision

I must be unique among people my age. I had five hours to waste in Cork today, which meant I had to have a proper lunch to use up an hour. Fair enough, the Kylemore cafe mightn't be teh kewl place to be seen for college kids, but it never even crossed my mind to eat at McDonald's. It was only when I was wandering around, paying out twenty-six euro for my brother's <strike>dandruff-shaking crap</strike> 'Crystal Method' CD and heard some guys talking that I realised how very many young people must go to McEvilFakeFoodald's.. Me, it would go against my principle (yeah, I only have the one. One of a kind is always special and it is rather possessive and jealous of its territory) to besmirch my mouth and tastebuds with their non-food simulation-cardboard takeaways.

I got a distinction in graphic design and a merit + in sculpture. None for my pepperz, as they are (hopefully) in England. (No letter yet. The stress is giving me a rash.) Oh, for the days of As, and, well, As, when I could actually make an educated judgement as to my progress! Still, at least I didn't just get a pass, *snerkle* like Neville and her loverboy Shane.

Fic updates demain. Ils ont besoin a chapter overhaul. Also opening-quote search, in which I dash to the quotationspage.com and pick out the first vaguely relevant one...

RE: Music.

I think REM's 'Leaving New York' may be the mort perfect song in the history of slamming two things together to make a noise. That is all.


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