every Starbucks should have a polar bear (scoradh) wrote,
every Starbucks should have a polar bear

To-do list

* Answer reviews, of which there is considerable backlog -- have got into nasty habit of reading reviews, saying 'Oh, how lovely!' and wandering off. Not helped by the fact that half the time I forget what they're reviews of and will, I daresay, end up having deep meaningful discussion about the merits of Silver Pair over Dirty Pair with bewildered H/D shipper.

* Friend people back. There is now a twenty-person anomaly 'tween lists that I mislike.

* Pimp my fest stuff and what got written for me. (Ha, I should have guessed one, but I did guess the other! One out of two is fifty percent!)

* Leave feedback. If I had the hair for it I'd try to get away with being a snobby fandom bitch but alas, no. Hair looks like Mukahi's on the day the hairdryers all died.

* Read chapter on acute inflammation. Which is techically half a chapter, but has delusions of grandeur.

* Talk to internetz people. This is such a charmingly laidback method of communication and I should take advantage. Tend to forget just how charming and laidback it is until confronted with real people, an alarming number of whom I find annoying, tedious or both.

* Figure out why all these things seem gargantuan tasks when am knackered. (ie permanent state of being)
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