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I am hiding from my flatmates. This is because it's Rag Week and they've been drinking solidly for the last three days. My flat now smells like a smellier version of a slum in Calcutta.

And where, you ask, am I hiding?

I am hiding in the library.

This reaches galactic levels of sad. Especially considering that I was hiding in a tutorial room on the third floor until the cleaner chucked me out. I've been here since my tutorial ended at three. It's now half-seven. I have three more hours to kill and I have an exam tomorrow and my friend texted me and now I don't know whether angiotensin II increases or decreases glomerular filtration rate and everything is contradictory and nothing will just SAY WHICH IT IS. Clearly this is some kind of mass conspiracy, like the thing about hiding salt in food so everyone will DIE from oedema and hypertension.


Thank you and good night.

ps I just saw a boy from my class and went to wave and decided against it. Oops now he's looking over.

pps I had to watch Into the Cut for film class. That is one truly horrible film. It put me off porn for life for nearly an hour.

ppps Hey girl who can only type with two fingers, learn to use the other eight (or your brain), or just buy a drum kit. Basically, GO AWAY.
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