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Calling all Hollyoaks fans! *

* Or, you know, just people who live in England.

I watched two episodes of this -- two! -- and I am ADDICTED. There are two great storylines, one with a straight boy who dresses like a girl and a girl who act like they hate each other when, sekritly, they DON'T (bet you didn't see that one coming, huh) and a boy who's about to confess to his best friend but keeps getting interrupted by his GIRLFRIEND. So my question is: does there exist such a thing as a youtubey place where I can catch episodes of this? Many complications -- having lectures at six, not having the right channels at home for the omnibus -- stand in my way and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE GHEY BOIS DAMMIT.

Why's everyone all excited about snow? I hate snow. I spit on snow. Snow sucks. It sucks as much as Heroes, imho. Hmm, why yes, I am surrounded by a flist of snow-lovin' Heroes-worshippin' t00bs. My bad.

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