every Starbucks should have a polar bear (scoradh) wrote,
every Starbucks should have a polar bear


I’d like to canvass people’s opinions on a certain issue.

Public Displays of Affection y/n?

Because I’m single some may call me biased, but in this case being in a couple also makes you biased, so we’re all even. If the word ‘jealousy’ were used instead we might part ways, but I’m jealous of people who find suitable partners for sure. I’m definitely not jealous of PDA because they gross me out.

I’m not just talking about full-on tonsil hockey, but everything that constitutes couple-y behaviour: touching, stroking, hugging, shoulder-head-resting and holding hands. Oh, the holding hands. I’ve never yet seen a couple holding hands where one of them doesn’t look like a dog, and the other like an owner. Boy, girl, doesn’t matter, you can always spot the Thackeray submitter.

I have no problem with this behaviour per se; only when it’s public does it get on my wick. I honestly do feel that people who pull this crap in public are just showing off, staking a claim, or both, and I find it obnoxious. Maybe I’m too easily influenced by my imagination, maybe I let them belittle me (oh-ho, I’m in a couple and you’re not; you won’t get my man/woman!).

So come, tell me I’m a Looney Tune. Agree with me. Defend your right to slobber on your SO in full view of an audience. I just want to know if there’s any basis for trying to revive nice, proper, Victorian-style values for public behaviour. Leaving the bedroom out of it, people. We all know Victorians were horrifically kinky when no one could see.
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