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I don’t have very much to say about this. I was expecting a lot less out of it than I was HBP, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t so harshly disappointed. Plus, this book had little to do with romantic entanglements; so considering that I don’t like the way JK wrote those, that was a good thing. I genuinely enjoyed DH for the sake of the source material. However, this isn’t going to be a litany of praise. I’m not very good at praise, but excellent at nit-picking.

I thought it was a bit rushed and frantic in parts. Often it seemed like she was thinking on her feet, making it up as she went along, etc, which would account for that quality. The writing itself far outstripped HBP – I don’t think there were more than ten adverbs used in conjunction with speaking verbs. On the other hand, she kept using ‘upon’ where ‘on’ would have done. The ‘using bigger words’ didn’t really suit the action scenes into which they were dropped. Also – swear words! Pterry’s yielded to that same temptation. I’m not sure I approve ... on the other hand, the situations merited them, at least.

A lot of what I was reading didn’t come as news to me, because fandom theories on these things have been floating around forever – especially about Snape. So he’s not evil and he was in love with Lily. Honestly, I’d find that so much cooler if five thousand fangirls hadn’t wished for it so ardently, it felt like they’d written it in. Same for Dumbledore’s hand and his pact with Snape.

As for the deaths, none of them affected me greatly. It felt like she was using up these superfluous characters to make sure the readers were aware of the Great Tragedy TM that was going down – but honestly, we could have done with losing Hermione, Ron, or both, a parent Weasley, Neville ... I’m sure I read a spoilers somewhere that Ginny died to save Harry, so he was protected by her love. I was hoping that would happen, and Harry would marry Luna, if only because it would have been a beautifully crafted ending that was happy enough without being disgustingly soppy. Which the epilogue was. It ruined the rest of the book for me, because I did enjoy the book immensely. And don’t get me wrong – I always expected that Harry and Ginny would get married and have ten thousand million children. JK wanted it that way, for some reason. She created this massively flawed and interesting character, and what does she do with him? Marry him off to make babies! We didn’t even get a hint of the kind of things I really wanted to know, like where they lived, what they did for a living, what Luna and Neville and Percy and Draco ended up actually doing. I guess I just hoped that we’d see more of Harry coping, or get a bittersweet tang from it – but there was very little that was bittersweet, because everyone scraped through and, aside from George’s ear, more or less intact. It must have been one of the tidiest wars ever fought.

Ach, well. Teddy/Scorpius = OTP!
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