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yet this is not so very unexpected

For the kick-off, be told that I’ll get around to answering all comments on RLT9 soon – although not perhaps before I post RLT10 (which will be sometime this week).

I went to my friend’s 21st birthday party in Kerry this weekend. It involved three buses each way, which is kind of amusing in its horribleness. My friend kens my bewilderment at the enjoyment there is to be derived from going out drinking and clubbing, but I think she appreciated the gesture on my part. The high point was seeing a huge statue of a unicorn atop a cliff. It was completely random, cool and unrelated to any other event this weekend.

I also saw a Ronon-lookalike in the hostel. Ronon is slowly but surely indoctrinating me into the lure of dreads. Speaking of SGA, I watched Pretty Woman on Friday and I couldn’t get over how perfect a template it would be for an SGA fic, with Rodney as Richard Gere. So perfect I’m sure it’s already been done on reel_sga, so I intend to search for it directly.

I arise and go now to pick my modules for next semester ... aka, Monday week. They are all uniformally dull – four epidemiology options is more than any sane mind can stand. Not to mention the idea of medical research brings me out in cold chills. I honestly have no interest in widening my knowledge base in medicine; I just want to pass my exams. I wish there was a module in novel-writing. I really feel that would make me a really well-rounded doctor ... not.

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