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bitch stole my words

I'm starting college tomorrow. The next week includes four hours of learning to wash my hands and phlebotomy, which I'm pretty sure is the bit where we take blood from each other. The last, the very last, thing I needed to deal with right now was someone ripping off my work.

Anyone who's read the first chapter of RLT, take a gander over here (ff.net, 'Fancy Meeting You Here') and see if you can spot any similarities. I can't claim the idea of a Dursley at Hogwarts, and the kids get Sorted into Slytherin and not Hufflepuff, but some lines are almost directly lifted from my story. Here's a few I spotted:

A soft knock and the noise of the door being slid open startled Albus Severus out of his reverie. His eyes had been glued to a book that had been Aunt Hermione’s birthday present to James: Hogwarts, a Revised and Extended History, which had been written by Hermione herselfAlbus didn’t think that James had so much as opened it, although his brother had sent a charming thank you letter that resulted in another thick book about Ancient Runes. The next day, James had shoved both of them onto his bookcase along with the other untouched tomes. Albus doubted that James would miss it, but just in case, he’d placed a Concealing Charm over the front cover, so that it now looked as though he were reading The Compiled Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle.

It's switched around a bit, but some sentances are exactly the same.

One thing about James was that he could spot a red eye a mile away, and no amount of sympathy for his brother would keep him from teasing Albus for the next month and a half. Albus wished that he knew somebody else who understood his predicament, but Godric’s Hollow was rather isolated away from the rest of the Wizarding world. Homesickness not being a very Potter emotion, none of his family members really understood either.

Those are two lines from separate parts of my fic, sandwiched together.

“Potter Number 2, where are you?” said James in a sing song voice from out in the hallway.

Completely lifted.

“Oh, here you are, Al,” James said with a flourish. “I was beginning to think that we’d left you behind-I’d already planned a celebration. Pity, that.”

The celebration bit - MINE.

This is so not on, I can't describe it. But. I'm busy, I'm tired, I have other things on my mind, so I'm sending out an SOS call to those of you who maybe paid more attention during the charlottelennox scandal, or just know things I don't.


Other than put the bitch down. (For some reason, writing this post has made me angrier. Initially I was just amused.) Remember: the whole story isn't stolen, just some parts.

Thanks to bottlebrushtail for alerting me, if you read this.
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