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in Soviet Russia, the medications take you

The clinician who is fortunate enough to have vomitus available for inspection (ill-informed staff may throw out this valuable substance) should not lose the opportunity of a detailed examination. There are a number of interesting types of vomitus.

Talley and O'Connor, 2006

Which says everything you need to know about the study of medicine.

Next term, due to a favourable alignment of the planets - aka the Med School's evil plan to kill us all, which hath no method to its madness - I shall be doing nothing all day except haunting the wards. Or, as out lecturers put it, we're to be 'foisted upon the unsuspecting public' (although only that percentage of it with the plague, of course). It's their second-favourite line, after: 'When you're woken at four am to go see a patient...' It's always four am. Or two am. No one these days has the common decency to become acutely and life-threateningly ill at a socially acceptable time, like right after lunch.

The point I'm trying to make - and I know I've been here too long, because that thought formed in my mind as 'the differential diagnosis' - is that I may, perhaps, have time for lj after Christmas. I may even, zut alors!, be able to take one afternoon off a week and actually write something (other than list after list of symptoms, because they so don't count, and you can blame SLE for everything. Who killed JFK? SLE. Ditto Roger Rabbit. And Elvis. And Kurt Cobain).

I have five exams in the next week and, always supposing I survive my OSCE relatively unscathed, I'll be coming home for Christmas. (In case you were, like, wondering? Yeah.) At which point I'll have plenty of time to wonder what snowflakes had to do with the birth of our Lord. Maybe he makes them when he's riding in a sleigh with Santa Claus?

Oh religion, don't ever change.

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