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21 January 2008 @ 08:55 pm
drink tea. there's plenty of tea.  
Today was not such a terribly good day.

I saw a man so jaundiced he was actually the colour of a banana, which I'm sure wasn't good for him. (I also think he may have wet himself while I was examining him, but there are some things too TMI for even my pity-party brain to contemplate.)

Our official tutor returned from the South Pole - don't even ask - which means actual work from now on, as opposed to faffing around with consultants.

The smell in one surgical ward was bad enough to make me faint. Faint.

I discovered that my 47,000-word Big Bang fic - probably the best work I've ever done - breaks one of the most important rules of the fest and is thus inadmissable. This is what I get for latching on to an idea and letting it run away with me. I'm so disappointed I could actually cry.

Speaking of rules, breaking the 'no-sequels' one is a no-brainer. The Road Less Travelled was an unexpected hit. I just know I'm not hitting the right note with the Three Steps Back.

And today, my f-o list hit 500.

I should be happy about this, right? It's an achievement. But. It feels like I've clawed every achievement from fandom, with tearing and teeth and blood. Others have risen like phoenixes. (Phoenixi?) Easily. I realise this is due to my inability to write proper porn, and over the last six months I haven't had time to let it bother me, butbutbut.

I just feel like I want something good to happen - not just ordinary, 'finding twenty bucks and a free breakfast*' good, but really damn extra-special good.

Also, to those 200-odd people I don't know: hi!

* Dead Like Me, people. Yes.
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sleepingfingers on January 21st, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
Since I'm one of those 200 people, I guess I should say "Hi!" too. :)

I love The Road Less Travelled, but I think I might like Three Steps Back even more. If you're measuring how big of a "hit" Three Steps Back is through the number of reviews, I think the decreasing number is mostly due to the waning interest in the ship. Back when you started posting TRLT, it was right after the 7th book, and loads of people turned to fics of their new-found ships. Now, only a fraction of the fans remain, so to speak, because AS/S isn't one of the "really big" ships in the fandom. I thought a lot of it was because of the hype.

But really, I adore Three Steps Back and can't wait to read each of the chapters. :)

It sucks about the Big Bang fic though. 47,000 words (good words, as yours must be) require an amount of dedication I can't even begin to imagine.
every Starbucks should have a polar bear: Cinderellascoradh on January 22nd, 2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
Oh, I know this - now I'm back in my sane mind. =D Readership all over fandom has been falling off, and I'm lucking to get the following I do, to be quite honest. I'm still pretty much a lurker myself.

Thank you! Always good to hear. ♥

Eh, I had holidays. It's my idea of fun. I don't think I could replicate it again between here and the due date, that's all - I have so much on. *booface*