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charmed life

There are three butterflies living in my study – the room where I spend the better part of my time (although not the most enjoyable part). I’m not au fait with the intricacies of lepidopteristic reproduction, so I have no idea how they came to be; but here they are, and have been all winter. I’m not sure what they eat, either, but unless my parents are replacing them at night in the manner of my childhood guinea pigs, they’re still the same ones.

I’ve called them Bert, Bertina and Bertinette. This had a better tempo when it was just Bert and Bertina, but Bertinette turned up this afternoon and I thought, why ruin a good thing? They spend most of their time climbing the lace curtains – hardly flying at all, the lazy buggers. Bert is practically tame, and when he’s not trying (and failing) to lift bits of tinfoil off the ground, he’s crawling over my hand and exploring my pencilcase.

Butterflies have pretty nice lives, I think.

I miss:
...although I’m not sure why butterflies reminded me of them.

Was anyone else not too sold on Juno?
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