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I thought they were supposed to be dead, but in real life they're just going to go on singing

Apparently, 'several' million people speak Catalan. More than the entire population of the Emerald Isle, I'm guessing.

About three people speak Irish, and they live in Kerry so they probably shouldn't count.

And Irish is going to be officially recognised as an EU language, but Catalan is not.



I bought the Frames' 'Burn the Maps', for 'Fake', and Greenday's 'American Idiot' for 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' today, as a sort of an exorism. It's finally over...I'm free, whether or not I wanted to be.



Wierd thing with 'Burn the Maps'...when I put it into Windows Media Player, it came up with all the songs named, as some albums do...but some were in capslock and some in normal font! Is this some kind of deep philosophical statement - or just three different people typing in the names...?


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