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like the discovery channel

So I went to the library and got out about a million Meg Cabot books (shut up, don't judge me). In After Eight, I think it is - they're a type of chocolate, aren't they? - there's a line about Mia's mom watching MTV because she doesn't like politics in the morning, she prefers Panic at the Disco.


I love that people in my life only know about the Pete-Ashlee engagement because of the Ashlee part of the equation. Who they only know about because her sister did a TV show about ... being married and bad at it? I've only had cable for a week, I don't know. But culchies identify more with Ashlee Simpson, trufax.

There are several lovely places to play gigs in Ireland. Slade Castle. The Point. Pairc Ui Caoimhe? possibly? Some bands should look into this, please.
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