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i'm a glamour boy

My mom said Gerard Way is gorgeous. How's that for validation? (And see how bandom nibbles at my soul: I say, think, and now write 'mom' instead of 'mum' or 'mam.')

Now, a question: does anyone out there have a good picture of Rory Gilmore (aka Alexis Bledel)'s hair in season six of the Gilmore Girls? The one with the thick, sideswept, scene-y fringe? I might take it to the hairdresser's and cajole her into making me a pale copy.

(here's a pic of me to show you what my current hairstyle is like - it may not suit a fringe? but my humungous forehead always will. alas, this is not my promised bed picspam! that will have to wait till broadband.)

That 'guess a line from your own fic' meme sounds fun. Try me! Only, I can't promise any rewards for wrong guessing, because I have another Sekrit Projekt on the go. Perfect timing, as usual, clashing as it does with oh, MY FINAL EXAMS.
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