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every Starbucks should have a polar bear

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in the name of the gun

I think I just managed to sunburn my elbows.

Even for me, that's a new and untapped height of stupidity.

I did put sunscreen on - thinking, the way you do, that I have a pharm exam in two days and the last thing I need is my skin peeling off while I'm trying to discuss teratogenesis. With, you know, a pen. However, Ireland not being famed for the sunny weather, the only stuff in the house was SP5 - that's F-I-V-E - tanning oil.

But! It was banana-scented! I have at last found a fruit scent that's all I thought fruit scents could be. Plus, I hate bananas (the food). This may be the universe's way of making it up to me.

(Wait, by burning my elbows?)

Mmm, tiramisu.
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