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All the beez are ded

At Sharon's, when we were watching Shrek 2, there was a trailer for a FILM VERSION of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'! It's like, write a fantasy novel, particularly one that's nominally for 'children', and they'll make a movie out of it. Looks good, actually, better than the books...well, I bought the first one for my brother for Christmas because he didn't find Truckers funny (yeah, I KNOW!) and Lemony Snicket really is a kid's author. Explains what words mean and everything. Not really my cup of cola. Must read more than the first chapter now, though, so I can check out the film...all I got was a biting baby, the hell?

Oh, and this, a direct quote from X Mag, some Extravision video review, for PoA:

Techinically dazzling, fast-paced (so far, so good) and chock-full of Rowling's boundless imagination (loyally adapted by ace screenwriter Steve Kloves), PoA is a Potter-movie classic.

I kid you NOT.

Ace screenwriter...LOYALLY ADAPTED...*dies*

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