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You guys. I had no idea Bob/Brian was such a popular pairing.

This is probably the most wildly unacceptable bandom opinion ever, but ... Bob does nothing for me. I can date this disaffection to when I read that he got a staph infection that paralysed his face when he refused to go to hospital. Because he hates and/or is afraid of doctors. I tend to take that kind of thing personally these days.

And don't get me started on MRSA. You won't find a doctor who'll say it isn't a problem, but equally you won't find a doctor who'll say there aren't more important problems. The handwashing ads are really infuriating, given that it's the HSE's lack of proper hospital planning - ie, with ADEQUATE ISOLATION ROOMS THAT PEOPLE CAN'T JUST JAUNT OUT OF FOR A SMOKE - that caused the problem in the first place.

see, oh god, what am I becoming
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