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now i'm lured from the cave

I found Top Gear fanfiction. I can now die happy.

Obstetrics lectures are terrifying. Today's contained ones of those anecdotes that I'll never be able to forget, on 'destructive operations.' They occur mainly in Africa, when women go into labour in the 'bush' - idek, I thought most of the continent was a desert? - and develop obstructed labour during which the baby dies; and they also have rupture of membranes and infection meaning caesarean sections are contraindicated, so they HAVE TO CUT THE BABY INTO PIECES. INTO PIECES. Which just solidified the 'not happening in my uterus kthanx' stance. My respect for women who have babies increases in direct proportion to my horror. I couldn't handle swollen ankles (I like my ankles the way they are!) let alone everything else. And obstetrics is all about everything else, not just 'So I hear labour kind of hurts?'

But if one more male obstetrician - they're always male - talks about 'people' getting pregnant, I will have to smack a bitch. Biological men never get pregnant. It is not going to be politically incorrect to say 'women,' not 'people'. OhmyGOD.

Oh, and apparently we have to work over the weekends on our obstetrics rotation. That's so gonna happen, what. I love how they forget that WE aren't getting paid for this.

No amount of money is worth this, mind you.
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