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reasons why today failed

1. I gave up on Moby Dick. IT'S SO BAD, YOU GUYS.

Coda to 1: I bought Airhead by Meg Cabot - I'm helpless to resist! also, depressed (see: 1). It's so much more amazing than Moby Dick, although I could wish Cabot had learned the basics of high school composition before landing the mega book deals.

2. I find bandom really unfriendly. It's a shame, because I like it so much - it's simple, the picspams are pretty, the fic is just to my taste, there are no great and raging debates about OOCness and second-guessing plots. Which were fun at the time, but also exhausting. I may be overly sensitive - I mean, CAN I have offended every single person in this fandom by existing, which is what it feels like? (And okay, my - two - fic contributions weren't stellar, but I'm not alone in that.)

3. It feels like this journal is becoming Whine-A-Lot's new castle, but it's that or retreat into lurkerdom all term. I have one original fic finished, but it needs major reworking; I have a bandom fic in beta but it also needs major reworking, and everything else is just majorly unfinished. Nothing to see here.

4. You know you're bored with HP when even sarahtales can't tempt you to read it. (On the other hand, everyone's read An Old Fashioned Unicorn's Guide to Courtship, right? I can't stop thinking about the forty percent he could have saved. Someone please squee with me about this.)

5. The crush. Oh god. Would I be bothered that he didn't seem to remember I was even there last week or want to be anything other than perkily enthusiastic about helping out Generic Student #1 (we are the first of his working life, see) - if I didn't fancy him? NO. BUT I DO. SO IT'S SHIT. AND EVERY TIME I TALK TO HIM, I WANT TO SHOOT MYSELF IN THE FACE, BOTH DURING AND FOR HOURS AFTERWARDS. MY LIFE, SO FUN.

6. I want to sort out my summer elective, but the UCLA website chuckles as it thwarts me.

7. I haven't stuck to my diet changes. It's not major, but I've been getting through a packet of Oreos or those evil but delicious Tesco shortbreads a week. It all adds up. The huge female design flaw was giving child-bearing hips to women who don't need nor want them. GOD DOES NOT APOLOGISE FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE.
Tags: dude where's my life?, prozac nation, work is much more fun than fun
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