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now your eyes see through me

One thing I've noticed about bandom: most fics are such a community effort. Every time I read those authors' notes, I feel a little sting of jealousy. I'm rather prudish when it comes to my stories - I don't like to post snippets in case I never finish the story. I also feel bad about propositioning people to jolly me along - also, it hasn't turned out well the few times I did try. In bandom, though, it seems a much more organic process.

In general it's about the squee, too. I doubt there's real room for concrit. People write the stories I want to read over and over, so I don't care. I think my real stumbling block is a possible inability to write anything in a straightforward manner. It always has to be about DIVORCE or DEATH or MISERY - maybe I should have stayed in HP? Or gone to SPN!

For those curious, I'm staying put in med for now. Obs and gynae is far more attractive than urology and vascular surgery - it also has the first doctors I've met who espouse a method of practising medicine that I can really get behind. So. There's that. Babies are adorable, the method of producing them far less so. (Not news? But I really don't think most people appreciate just how AWFUL pregnany is. A good thing, really...)

I gotta say, though, I'm absolutely horrified by the trolleys of formula just left out on the wards for mothers to help themselves to - for feeding day-old babies. It's like the cardiac patients who get PACKETS OF SALT to put on their CHIPS. WTF, people. WTF.
Tags: bandom rules ok, socially acceptable schizophrenia, work is much more fun than fun
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