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can you paint a thought?

I was saying to oddishly that I'd written very little this year, because except for the fic yesterday, I hadn't posted since about August.

However, I realised that I'd entirely discounted the first part of the year.


DIY Messiah @ 27,000 words; Harry/Draco

Quantum Leap @ 55,000 words; Harry/Draco

Three Steps Back, @ 35,000 words; Albus Severus/Scorpius


Crossing the Rubicon @ 14,000 words; Pete/Mikey, Frank/Gerard, Brendon/Ryan

Inspired by In Bruges @ 2,000 words; Brendon/Ryan

For Whatever You Lose @ 14,500 words; Brendon/Ryan

A Wave You Glide In On @ 14,200 words; Brendon/Ryan

(Why is all my bandom stuff 14,000 words?!)


The Beautiful Game, @ 12,000 words

That comes to about 168,000 words altogether, if my finger-counting arithmetic is correct (and it probably isn't). Not too shabby after all.

This was also the year of the least comments ever on everything I wrote; but happily it coincided with me caring less than I ever have. Not that this isn't a thinly-veiled hint for people who might have missed out on these earlier to go read them now, BUT STILL.

2009 means one and a half more years before I start earning a paycheck/dying of stress. Whee.
Tags: bandom rules ok, elvendork is unisex, socially acceptable schizophrenia
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