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So. Merlin.

Although this was on television here, I didn't bother to watch it, and had to go to the awful trouble of downloading the damn thing when I fell victim to my flist's wiles. Now, I have a vague idea of Arthurian legend, but with no idea why. I've never read or watched anything to the point - that I can recall, at least. So some aspects seem vaguely familiar, while others are just obviously made up.

The cloaks annoy me enormously, while at the same time I want one A LOT. They're so swishy and perfectly draped! I feel my life would be complete if I had a purple velvet cloak like Morgana's.

But what annoyed me MOST OF ALL was that no one discovered Merlin's secret! Surely the point of having a magical secret is that someone finds out? Pah on that.

I did like the part where Arthur asks Gwen to pick between Lancelot and Arthur, and she said she couldn't possibly and would never need to. It's those lines that make this show fun. It took me ages to figure out who Mordred was - literally as Arthur asked him his name, it sunk in. On the other hand, I'd watched that (veeeery slow) ep over several days, so I wasn't following the storyline too closely.

Morgana's voice annoys me immensely. It'll annoy me even more if I discover her accent is genuine, because WHY is Morgana randomly Irish?

I liked the Arthur/Gwen more than any other potential pairing - yes, even Arthur/Merlin. There's something about the way Arthur says 'Guinevere.'

The slashdragon's motives were finally revealed in the end - to wit, the resoration of magic and his own kind. It annoyed me that he was conveniently psychic. I much prefer the idea that he was working over Merlin to his own ends.


Can anyone tell me the significance of Mordred calling Merlin 'Emrys'?

It would be nice if, occasionally, someone in this show would die.

Oh lord, last day of freedom tomorrow. I'm off to the psych ward next - not as a patient, although it's been a close call...
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