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my heart was crushed by a former love

We hosted an Australia Day party yesterday for all the ex-pats in the village. There were meat pies and lamingtons! I don't miss many Australian foods - I guess it's easier for us to adapt our palates to Europe than it would be for, say, the Japanese - but I do like lamingtons. I could also eat Milo raw with a spoon until someone forcibly extracted it from me.

I ended up playing with two small girls (four and six) for hours on end. I think I appealed to them because my default reaction to the world is 'OMG A PINK NINTENTO DS! OMG A CAT IN A TIARA! OMG BARBIE HOW I MISSED YOU!' And, wow, it was exhausting. I never underestimated the work entailed in having children, but I also never appreciated it on a visceral level. I'm either going to hire an army of nannies or end up screaming at my children 'MOMMY NEEDS SOME ME TIME! IN MOROCCO!' at least once an hour. Also, apparently I am good with kids? This is yet another thing I didn't want to know about myself. Sample conversation:

Little Girl #1: I want to go into the living room!
Rachel: Okay, knock yourself out.
Little Girl #1: NO YOU COME WITH ME.

The other one demonstrated her feelings by climbing into my lap at every opportunity, even when I was standing up. Good times.
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