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The Outsider, Albert Camus

The above image - courtesy of A Softer World - pretty much sums up this book, in my opinion.

From the blurb, I expected this to be a case of a man who was ostracised for not showing enough emotion at a funeral, and maybe stoned to death. In fact, it was the story of a man who RANDOMLY SHOT A DUDE and, amazingly!, was put on trial for it. I don't believe he 'told the truth at all costs'. I believe he had schizophrenia or a dissociative personality disorder or both. His only emotions were the wrong ones. He deserved to die, if only because in a country with capital punishment, you don't go around fatally shooting people just because the sun is a bit bright today. FAIL.

He'd beaten her till she'd bled. Before that he hadn't used to beat her. "I used to hit her, but sort of affectionately. She'd yell a bit. I'd close the shutters and it'd finish the way it always does. But this time I really mean it. And I don't think I've punished her enough."


So we made our way slowly back and he kept telling me how pleased he was that he'd managed to punish his mistress. I found him very friendly towards me and I thought it was a good moment.

But actually, NO?

asldkfjshlkfjdhaslkjdhalskjdfhaslkjhfsdl. Seriously.

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