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heartbreak hotel

I really enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire while watching it but, much like with Juno, as soon as I came out of the cinema and pondered a bit, I decided I didn't like it at all. Did anyone else have this experience? (On the other hand, also like Juno - the soundtrack was AWESOME; I intend to buy it post-haste.)

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I went in and said, "I've been growing out my hair for two years, this requires a lot of dedication because it grows at a rate of one millimetre per century, I love it this length, CUT IT ALL OFF IMMEDIATELY." I lost four inches in one foul swoop. You'll say I brought it on myself, but this is the first haircut I've hated in about a decade. I cried myself to sleep over it last night, it's that bad.

Before we start, observe my cute outfit from the other post. This is the only way I could figure of taking a full length shot, because I have not the technical skills.

Taken immediately when I got home, before the full horror of what I'd done sunk in.

Today: reality bites.

Summing up my feelings on the whole affair via the medium of a BrendonUrie!face.

Tags: camwhoring, dude where's my life?, just don't trip over the furniture
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