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26 February 2009 @ 10:36 pm
even gods do kiss at any price  
I think I've come far enough in my medical career to indulge in the sin of self-diagnosis. MY TONSILLITIS, PEOPLE. LET ME SHOW YOU IT.

As I am this far along in my medical career, there is simply no way I'm taking antibiotics for something like tonsillitis, so I'm suffering on with the KNIVES OF HELL in my throat. Good times.

I got to fondle kitties yesterday! My friend found one and has adopted it, which you're allowed to do when you don't live in college accommodation.

His name is Bullets. The second option was Smig, because he has one! Look closely.

Me with Bullets, who is genially attempting to claw my hand off. I think it's the same as children: they dislike you exponentially as much as you adore them.

I'm left with a sticky throat and eyes every time I spend time with cats, which sadly means I have a mild allergy (see: some level of medical expertise) and couldn't really own one. THIS IS SO SAD, IT WAS THE AMBITION OF MY ADULT LIFE - always supposing I got one.

I was saying to Helen that my bandom opinions are not popular opinions. Here are some examples.

#1: Ryan ROSS, why are you HIKING? People like me hike so you don't have to. Or have you forgotten that you are, in fact, a ROCKSTAR? Unless you are flying up the canyon in your Bedazzled mini-jet, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Even if you do look hilarious and the scenery is nice (I say that lightly; scenery belongs on the other side of the window. Or the velvet drapes of my mini-jet, whatever).

#2: Ryan's entries have become more interesting since the breakup. Concidence, maybe; fact, definitely.
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Sereniaserenia on March 5th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
The ENT specialist didn't mention his adenoids. I do think the weight is a big factor. Actually, I think that a lot of the health problems of obese people are weight-related, and it frustrates me that if I mention that, they think I'm just 'fat bashing'. I know from experience, though that the sciatica-like pain I've had in my hip only happens when I'm over 90kg.