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I wish people wouldn't take med school SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY.

1. If you can't get someone to sign you off, FORGE IT. THEY WILL NEVER KNOW. THEY WILL NEVER CARE. Does no one else have the mental process of, in the unlikely event that the bored and belittled secretary smells a rat, of saying: It was a locum, I didn't catch their name, they were sort of tall or maybe short? SERIOUSLY.

2. Senior doctors being asshats to medical students: how novel! LET IT ROLL OFF. It reflects badly on them, not us. If I knew as much as a consultant, there wouldn't be much point in being a consultant, now would there?

3. Not deigning to talk to doctors like people because they're doctors. Oh my GOD. I called an anaesthetist on his misogeny yesterday by telling him he was going to get bitchslapped. I had a semi-veiled conversation with another about handjobs. (Not, I hasten to add, BETWEEN US.) Most would like to have a jolly chat if they can at all. If they're the rare kind who actually demand bated-breath worship - um, why indulge that?

4. Just write your fucking essays without deconstructing each facet and nuance. It's medicine, not an English degree (oh how I repine).

5. In the end, med school is more about what you don't do than what you do.
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