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I read the Sunday Times book review. (That counts as 'reading the paper', right?) And it strikes me how utterly POINTLESS so many books are.

Like: a personal history of jigsaws. Not even a history. A PERSONAL history.

Or: Allegra Huston's memoirs. Bearing in mind that Allegra Huston wasn't even technically Allegra Huston, why is her memoir worthy of publication? She's riffing off a name she doesn't even own! If I had to learn twenty facts about X to show off at dinner parties, X would NOT be Allegra Huston.

C'mon, world. Give me some decent published M/M stuff, where rocks DON'T fall and everyone dies. Or proper chicklit in the vein of Maeve Binchy and Fiona Walker, back when she used to kick it old school. Of course, I'm too busy with classics and cult fiction at the moment to read any such things - and Amazon has chucked M/M fiction off its bestseller list, which I'm sure is real encouraging to would-be writers - but seriously. Anything's better than JIGSAWS.
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