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One exam down, six to go. Wheeeeeeeee! Who wouldn't want to be a med student, huh?

I really do hope they provide some lube with the gynae models in the OSCE. We went up to the mat today to practice taking smears and JFC, my fingers kept getting stuck. This is not a happy place for me. (The model didn't mind, but then it doesn't have legs or a head or a functioning nervous system, so.) And also, it is way hard to keep your thumb down to keep from hitting off the imaginary clitoris. But, it could be worse. A guy in my class took an inadvertent biopsy when he was practising speculums. And by 'inadvertent' I mean 'closed the speculum on the vaginal lining and ripped it out.' Isn't that nice?

I've also had to prepare essays for my forensics exam - I will be very happy on the day I no longer have to learn off essays, WTF, as it is the dumbest way of learning ever invented. All the stories about abandoned babies make me sad. Sure, there's the picture of the woman whose brains are spread around the room or those fun ones from being attacked with an axe, but those otherwise perfect dead babies curled up in leaves just make me want to write stories where Panic finds and adopts them all. I know sunsetmog, among others, has Panic baby!fic covered, but I need therapy, okay?

I was also going to tell y'all the story of the little boy in the box, but I think I've traumatised everyone enough for today.
Tags: panic reinvent accessorisation, work is much more fun than fun
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