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I'm re-reading jae_w's A Marriage of Convenience instead of studying - such a REBEL, y'all - and reflecting on how it was the story that really sold me on Tom. softlyforgotten recently posted a wee William/Tom reunion fic and that made me think how I'd really like to write Tom. I'm just not sure with who. As I explained to Mik, I am not the biggest Billwife in the world. I could go for Tom/Jon too, but that leaves one Panic boy on the outs - as obviously, in my mind they are all neatly paired up. I write under the GWG (Girlfriends? What Girlfriends?) flag, in case you were wondering. I don't know enough about Empires to use any of them to this devious end.

So how about ... Tom/Spencer? If Tom comes to visit Panic while they're on tour, at the instigation of Jon, who misses him. Tom hasn't hung out with Jon properly since Truckstops and Statelines, because there was his sudden rise to fame and Tom's crash from it, the nasty breakup from Academy, and Tom's life-stopping efforts to create an empire with Empires. He remembers that he and Jon were always buddies - how, even with Bill spidering all over them, Jon was still the best for hugs, and never objected to late night cuddles on the sofa. So Tom ... wonders.

And the first thing he does when he arrives is stop wondering, because he's a little early and he gets a cab out to their venue. Jon is sitting beside Brendon on a grassy verge. They're not doing anything, in the biblical or tabloid sense - Brendon rests his cheek on Jon's shoulder for a bare second before reaching over to grub up some dandelions to decorate Jon's hair. Jon is laughing and looking at Brendon like he hung the moon. Tom's pretty sure they're about to kiss when Jon looks up and spots him.

Ryan explains it later, as Jon seems coy, almost tender about the whatever is between he and Brendon. Ryan's got his arm flung across the shoulders of a beaky-looking guy called Eric, whom Tom doesn't remember. Panic wasn't big enough to merit extra performers on retainer when Tom knew them first. Eric's a keyboardist and he and Ryan share a house and Eric is never more than two steps away from Ryan at any point. They sit with their ankles and elbows bumping.

"Yeah, Brendon adores Jon like crazy," says Ryan, who's all slanty-eyed and mellow these days. "I never thought - I mean, Jon is one straight dude, you know?"

"I know," says Tom, a little ruefully. And that's when Spencer appears from the bunks, scratching his unbrushed hair. He blinks a couple times before his eyes widen in recognition. Tom - Tom feels his breath short and tight in his throat. Spencer was a boy, a kid, before, with kickass pink shirts and sparkly belts and the bitchiest scowl. He looks less stand-out now in his severely plain button-down and non-castrating jeans, and a beard, jesus christ. Tom feels a little dizzy, a little warm.

As Tom continues to say nothing, Ryan's eyebrows rise and Spencer's scowl makes an epic comeback. "Cat got your tongue?" he asks.

"Naw," says Tom, hoarsely. "Jon here is the only one who liked to make out with kitties."

"Are you maligning my virtue?" Jon's voice demands from the back lounge, followed by Brendon's ethereal giggle. Spencer's face relaxes and he smiles instead. It dazzles.

"You staying long?" he asks Tom, who feels like saying Maybe, forever.
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