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21 May 2009 @ 09:08 pm
insert card this way  
You guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys. I am SO SICK OF EXAMS. I have being doing exams for three weeks straight and I don't like it. (Surprisingly. Heh. This reminds me of a conversation where my friend said, "Oh, I hope this exam is easy!" and I was like, "Really? I'm banking on something super difficult, just because." Exams make you stupid. True story.)

Like, here is a sample MCQ for paeds@

True congenital heart disease is associated with:
- Maternal diabetes
- 10 fold likelihood that a previous sibling had/has CHD
- Failure to thrive
- Weight gain
- Periorbital oedema

THIS IS WHAT GETS ON MY TITS. About one percent of MCQs are written by someone who knows how to write MCQs. TRUE congenital heart disease - as opposed to what, FAKE congenital heart disease? YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN. My MCQ paper yesterday included one that said "Thrombolysis is feasible up to 6 hours after an MI." Thrombolysis is feasible up to 12 hours post-MI, so this question could be true (anywhere up to 12 hours, including 6) or false (12 hours not 6, bitch). HATE. HATE HATE HATE.

On the other hand, doing absolutely no study for MCQs gets you the same result as doing lots, unlike essay papers, which require work, and why I am not in favour of essay papers.

I'm sorry this entry is so boring! Let's talk about ... Ryan's new girlfriend. Or 'female friend with whom he takes pictures draped over on beds involving stockings and suspenders.' I don't do that sort of thing with my 'friends', but LA operates under a different code of morals, I am sure. Her name is Kate and she is blonde. DON'T HAVE A TYPE OR ANYTHING, ROSS. I also think it's cute the way Brendon's girlfriend looks an awful lot like him. I am a bit sorry for Keltie. I get the feeling she was looking for a rather more permanent establishment, heading in the direction of the house and 2.5 kids. (Who is this point five of a kid and when can I meet it?) Whereas Ryan is very twenty-two years old, in the 'I'M A ROCKSTAR AND I'M GOING TO FUCK EVERYTHING! HAHAHA!' mode.

Also, Spencer said in some random interview that 'It's Saturday night and we're doing [insert random chart show here]. What are you doing in?' STUDYING, SPENCER MY LAD. It annoyed me irrationally and I've started thinking that you can't be friends with a Ryan Ross without being a bit of an asshole yourself. Don't get me wrong, I lurve Rossy and would welcome him in my pants in any situation that wasn't creepy (hint: there isn't one), but. He's an ass. Then again, music stations will insist on doing video interviews between Panic and people who introduce their pet gerbils as people. If I were Panic, I'd make my next album thrash metal just to throw the crazies off my tail. Our tail?

I think I've talked enough about people I don't even know for one night. What thinkest thou?
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xoxo, Geralynnbuildyourwalls on May 22nd, 2009 05:36 pm (UTC)
I think that the thing is, is that unless you're really apart of that sector of being a fangirl - My sister for example, isn't really into that area, but she knows it exists because of me, you know? - or, alternatively, unless you know someone who is into that, you don't know how bad it can get. I think that Panic fans are particularly ridiculous, but then again I'm of an age that you just...didn't have all this easy access to these bands. There wasn't a youtube when I as 14, there wasn't a twitter, they didn't really blog, the only thing you really got were band dates and shit on TV that you had to watch through the television (before Tivo) and tape and then get it from friends overseas if you wanted OTHER interviews.

When I got into Panic it was SO EASY to get to see a whole shitload of their dynamics BECAUSE of youtube, BECAUSE they used to have livejournals, because they were just like you and I (minus the fanfic and fucking each other, but eh, details) and that was so mind-boggling to me.

Something else that I think is hilarious is that people really believe these dudes are like, fucka famous. And...they're not. Like, you mention Angelina Jolie, who I can assure you doesn't know who the fuck Ryan Ross is. Like if my father sat on a plan with Brendon Urie he would just think he's this annoying kid with a bobbing leg and obnoxious giggle, not Angelina, who probably has a private jet but he'd be able to recongize. People say this is cause she's a movie star, I aruge that if they're popular enough (Say the American Idol kids) You know who they are. They're just not that famous and yet their GFs get slaughtered.

It's a really fascinating thing to me too. And I don't think that the fans need to speak for Keltie Colleen - just becuase she puts her heart out onto the internet and the boys have twitters doesn't mean that that we actually know them even just a little. It's all fucking stupid, really.

And I am under the philosophy that cheating blows, and I know how that must feel, but it takes two people to make and break any relationship, and eventhough she said he was a cheater, something else went on. So. That's my .02

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