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No one stirs, not even the Anonymouse...

This for corporal_katz 's challenge, which was as follows:

First Line: "What... What are you doing?!"

Scene: In a street

Words: 410

Any fandom is to me the Potterverse, of course. And has anyone ever known me NOT to write Potterfic at the least provocation? Especially when given something to start from. So here goes.

‘What - what are you doing?’

Remus’ voice cracked in horror.

‘What does it look like I’m doing?’ Sirius returned impatiently. He gestured expansively, a movement that took in the rain-sodden street, the passing, half-curious Muggles, the dingy tenements, his stunned friend and himself, kneeling in the gutter on what would turn out to be a season’s worth of wet leaves.

‘I don’t know!’ Remus said, his voice scaling up an octave. ‘But I know, Padfoot, I just know that when you get that Look on your face something terrible is going to happen. Probably to me. It’s better than a crystal ball.’

‘Have you actually seen anything in a crystal ball?’ Sirius demanded, as ever easily sidetracked. ‘All I ever get is a bloody great curtain.’

‘I see the moon,’ Remus replied firmly. ‘As you know, that never bodes well. Now, are you going to tell me why you’re in the gutter? And please don’t tell me you’re looking at the stars. It’s twelve midday. I haven’t had chocolate in five hours and you do not want to make me angry.’

‘Why, Moony,’ Sirius murmured, with a wide smile, ‘I’m proposing to you, of course. Will you marry me?’

For a moment the tension held. The air sang louder than any music Sirius had ever heard, and he held his breath.

Then Remus laughed, almost hysterically, and it was broken. Ruined, rather. Sirius felt rather annoyed.

‘What are you laughing for?’ he wanted to know. ‘Can’t a chap ask a serious question around here?’

This only made Remus laugh harder. Tears began to gather at the corner of his eyes - a place Sirius had often fantasised about kissing, although not for very long, because his mind invariably strayed to more interesting areas - and he clutched at his knees.

The Muggles were openly staring at him now, shaking their large, gold hoop earrings as they muttered behind their hands at each other. Clearly, kneeling in the drain was less unusual around here than was laughing with such abandon. Giving the place a once-over and grimacing, Sirius realised that it was actually pretty logical. Chatham was not the most light-hearted of places, and he wasn’t quite sure why they’d ended up here. (Getting chucked off the Knight Bus for excessively rowdy behaviour was only one of many reasons, the prime one being alcohol.)

‘God, Sirius,’ Remus said, calming down at last, and holding out a hand to help him up. ‘For a minute there, you really had me fooled.’

Sirius took it, feeling the lump of the jeweller’s box in his pocket.

Another time, he promised himself.

...Sorry, coralia13 . But I can't help it if drabbles come into my head as fully-formed R/S slash! And I'm sick to death of writing H/D. So if you really want me to use my powers for good, find me another slash ship to play with! Wah! Want bikkit!

ETA: Okay. I have a sudden, extremely strong urge to write a long and involved and possibly even chaptered epic. Vetinari/Drumknott. While that H/G thing is sitting in my hard drive LOOKING at me. But the V/D... ... ... It's scaring me.
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