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Snuff, Chuck Palahniuk

I honestly did wonder if anything in a book of porn, even a book of porn written by Chuck Palahniuk, could surprise or shock me. As it turned out, nothing did; but it was a fairly enjoyable read all the same. I also wonder about Palahniuk's apparently endless data bank of random facts. He must spend all his free time surfing Wiki, for serious.

... I think? Is it a porn (or other) film where someone accidentally dies?

I lol'd that he referenced Ariel Levy. All I know about her is that she wrote a really depressing column in the Sunday Times Magazine a few years ago. I never realised she was a proponent of third-wave feminism (whatever that is).

It's what gets them off that decides what your million kids will want for Christmas next year.

Bloody interesting thought, that is. (It also made me lol irl.)

Do you respect someone's right to seek challenges and discover their true potential? How is a gang bang any different than risking your life to climb Mount Everest? And do you accept sex as a form of viable emotional therapy?

There's some way to apply that to fandoms versus real life, but I can't be bothered coming up with one right now.

Favourite character? No 72's dad who researches gangland crime so his train sets will be accurate.

I also spotted the twist at least a whole page before it happened; go me! I'm getting better at this!

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