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Trust Me, I'm a Junior Doctor, Max Pemberton

Every time I hear or see that phrase, the song by the Blizzards immediately starts playing in my head. At least if I survive this year, I can assign it as my ringtone with an easy conscience.

This was an interesting and terrifying read, although not all of it can reasonably apply to my near future. Why, you ask? Because I can order an X-ray, I've done it before. I've taken bloods, cultures and inserted IV lines. I would have a reasonable idea how to do an ABG and insert a male catheter. None of which the intern in this story could apparently do prior to his first day on the job. Which makes me somewhat easier in my mind, I have to say.

Also, also, 2010 is the red-letter year for the implementation of the European Working Time Directive, which apparently makes it illegal for junior doctors to work more than 48 hours a week. IMAGINE A LIFE WHERE IN NINE MONTHS TIME I'M NOT FACING INTO WORKING 100 HOUR WEEKS. I don't know anyone who wouldn't take a significant pay cut in return for a decent sleeping schedule in intern year. I guess it's churlish to complain about such things when plenty of people would love to have any job, but if you have any spare goodwill - please pass it along to us, in hopes that we can live a somewhat normal life post-graduation. (And that the government doesn't just decide it's cheaper to pay the fine.) I also think all health services should be indudated with improvement emails that read simply: HIRE MORE DOCTORS AND NURSES. Honestly.

This really hit home:

I've trained for six years to do this job, and although it's become evident that a trained lab-rat could out-perform me on many tasks, I don't know what else I'd do. Which is even more depressing. Can I just turn my back on it all, even if I want to?

Everyone always says, "You can do anything with a medical degree!" This is categorically UNTRUE. What you can do with an MD is: a) be a doctor, b) be a doctor, or c) all of the above. It feels heavily like a trap the more I think about it. I want to stop thinking about it.

The parts with Ruby were obviously fabricated - not that medcest doesn't happen, it does, just not that dramatically.

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