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the past's changing empires

My fifth lj-anniversary occurred sometime in August. It is quite typical of my time here that I forgot that until now. I might dig up and polish off an old fic for the occasion, but, you know, probably not. I think my life has been distilled into one long (high-pitched - very high-pitched) litany of FINALMEDFINALMEDFINALMED.

Yet somehow I soldier on. My greatest woe today was not even medically related, despite the fact that I spend all my time around kids and my vocabulary is reduced to 'Clap handies!' and 'WHERE'S THE BABBY? WHEEEEEEERE'S THE BABBY?' I randomly tried on some evening dresses in preparation for our ball in November and ... oh god, you guys, my hips could support an African nation for at least three months. They are so disproportionate it hurts. Disclaimer: I really shouldn't complain when I'm not actually overweight, but I truly hate my body shape. Guess how many shops cater to people with a 4:1 waist:hip ratio? Here's a hint: it's less than the amount of awesome life choices Katy Price has ever made.

In my despair I went to Gloria Jean's (which is probably contributing to the problem just a little), a bookshop and HMV. I don't think I was ever so insulted as by the till lady who implied I was only picking up a copy of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations for school. Granted, I also bought He's Just Not That Into You - I figure it may be able to tell me where I'm going wrong, as no one else will - and the new Meg Cabot. BUT STILL. Leaving aside the contrasts, surely I look older than a schoolkid by now?

... does anyone know how to rip videos from youtube? I'm not actually trying to get free music - note that I bought Tegan and Sara, Elbow and Noah and the Whale on CD - but there are some awesome massage vids by Lita that help me sleep. Sleep is important in FINALMEDFINALMEDFINALMED. Help a FINALMED out?
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