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05 October 2009 @ 10:26 pm
if you like it then you shoulda put an aerial on it  
I'm bored, a little sad, deeply unmotivated, and with no time to write. Ergo, I watch TV.

Glee, Season 1, Episodes 1-4

"Try being waterboarded! That's hard!"

THAT SOLD ME DAY ONE. So did the part in episode 1 where Rachel mentions she doesn't know which of her gay dads is her biological father. However, some of those gags go too far into parody to be funny - like the cheerleading coach sending her drycleaning to Europe, or the headmaster feeding the kids prison food. It's FUNNY, but it's not REALISTIC, which makes it LESS FUNNY. To me.

Episode 2 - Rachel and Finn make out on an inside picnic that they don't actually eat. This was stupid.
Episode 3 - Throwing rocks at people's windshields is never okay! I don't care if there's an awesome song to go with it! I worry that this show will go down that road a lot - exploiting plotlines to fit around moderately popular hiphop songs, I mean.
Episode 4 - KURT'S COMING OUT WTF. A guy with a TIARA COLLECTION never CONSIDERED the POSSIBILITITY that he MIGHT BE GAY? … Sure. The Single Ladies dance on the football field cracked me up, though. (So did the line in Episode 3: "I'm scared of my vacuum.")

DO NOT LIKE THE PREGNANCY STORYLINES. If having a child is going to make you that miserable and trapped, Quinn, I do think you should consider abortion. Or at least adoption. Why couldn't ... cute teacher's wife* just tell him she had a miscarriage? That would surely be easier than wearing a fake belly. Also, he is nothing but affectionate and loving to her, so I don't understand where her fear of losing him is coming from.

(*I am terrible at picking up names in TV shows. You may have noticed.)

Entourage, Seasons 2-4

I HAVE SUCH A GRA FOR THIS SERIES. I mainlined two seasons in a week. It is addictive and super-easy to watch and I should hate it - they're basically all slackers and money-wasters and SCABS, and there's hundred of naked women but no naked men, but I love them. I nearly cried in happiness when Drama got his big break. I was sad when Turtle's almost-relationship went nowhere, because I'd like to see how that would play out. I want to throttle Billy, who is clearly Anne Rice only without pants. (Except for the time he said, "Are they fucking?" BECAUSE OMG.) Ari Gold owns my HEART.

The Fug Girls once said that any time there's the opportunity for conflict the screenwriters of Entourage choose not to take it; that is true, but not everything works out for Vince.

Why does Vince work? I think because he's our ideal of a movie star. He has 'integrity' - or what stands for integrity in movie-making land - and he's generous and so, so far from a diva. The whole charm is that his entourage is really his bunch of dorky friends, and they get to live this wonderful life hanging out and having a good time, and I'M JEALOUS. I ADMIT IT.

Still don't get why Anna fired Eric, though.

Greek, Season 1

I really wanted to like this. I did. My flist has been spazzing about it for approximately an age. Sadly, for me, it was the poor man's Gossip Girl.

I honestly thought Greek should have been set in the fifties because of the dumb activities the sororities/fraternities engage in - like the Omega Chi Sweetheart Pageant. It's straight out of the pages of a Girl's Own or Jackie, and NOT in a good way.

Casey and Rusty both annoyed me, not least because it sounds like their parents wanted dogs instead of children. Casey ... should have been prettier, as the lead girl and head angle of a love triangle. THERE, I SAID IT. She's just not pretty enough. Blake and Leighton and the grumpy one are all pretty in different way and you can stare at their clothes for hours; that's why GG works.

The wardrobe in Greek is one endless malfunction. Franny kept wearing shorts and putting her hands in the pockets! At one point she wore red shorts and a red-and-blue cardigan, IT WAS SO TERRIBLE. (Also. Franny. What is this, the Magical Faraway Tree?) Casey had a yen for those maternity-style tops that made her look like the victim of a shrinking spell. Evan - let's not even go there. Cappie reminded me of Adam Lambert: as in, a guy who wears clothes designed for people three sizes skinner than him. Unlike Adam Lambert, Cappie doesn't pull it off; he looks more like a fifty-year-old teacher trying to be cool at a school disco.

Here is a (pretty crappy) episode commentary I, for some reason, decided to keep.

1: Rusty hit Evan with a BAT. DDD:
3: Didn't bring anything new to the table re: the gay issue.
4: Huge contrast between what ZBZ ARE and what they THINK they are. Also, sports cliche!
5: Gay guy in Kappa Tau - I'd be pissed if someone did that on my date but otoh, he made Calvin CLIMB OUT A WINDOW.
6: Candles etc, very fifties boarding school.
9: Sweetheart = unbelievably dumb. Also, who doesn't notice their laptop battery dying?
10: Calvin leaving behind pin - saddest ever. Ashleigh - if you outed someone, you wouldn't wait to tell them at the pub! Olsen-twin-sized is a bad bad metaphor.
14: CLOTHES! TERRIBLE! Black skirt, pink belt, black and pink shirt - OW. Evan looks okay for once.
15: Evan wanted to be in KTT! THIS is the story they should have told. Cappie's skull jacket <333! Why did anyone fight over CASEY?
17: Cappie being sick is one thing, girls catering to him like that is SICK.

I did find it interesting the way my opinion of Cappie and Evan flipped circa episode 15. I really like Evan now (especially because he looks so much like JWalk) and I resent the way the scriptwriters keep scrapping over his characterisation. Cheating bad, wanting to marry Casey good. Paying someone to stay away from her bad, not explaining his motives bad, kissing Franny bad. Franny can just go DIAF, basically. I do not like Rebecca at all. In fact, my main beef with the show is probably how it failed to make me like anyone in it. There's certainly no Chuck Bass among them.

I will still watch season 2, though. Mainly because I went to incredible trouble to dl it.

Leverage, Season 1, Episodes 1-2

Katie enthusiastically recommended this to me. I suppose I should like a modern-day take on Robin Hood – it’s practically a law – but so far it has failed to impress me.

Parker is hands-down the best character, but she didn't really blow up her house with her family IN it, right? (She also shouldn't be whaling on Boring Chick for her shoe obsession while wearing a see-through shirt. Glass houses blow up too.)

Episode 2: the crack about men not looking women in the eye when they lie - what? Isn't it just more unlikely that politician dude WOULDN'T know about the attack? I am also iffy on this celebratory attitude to the military, like what they do is heroic and against their will. You JOIN the army these days, you're not conscripted. And what did they think they'd be up to in a warzone, playing with waterguns?

Yeeeeah, I think that pretty much exhausts my opinions for the moment. (Thank god, sez you.)

OH YEAH - please don't spoil me!
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every Starbucks should have a polar bear: jillicons: rainbow gramaphonescoradh on October 6th, 2009 07:03 pm (UTC)
Hmm; maybe what I was trying to say is, did he think he could ANNOUNCE his tiara collection to the world at large and not realise he'd raise some ... assumptions? It's the inherent contradiction in the whole show, based on the fact that they sacrifice EVERYTHING for the funny.

I'm also about Ari/Lloyd and ... Ari/Vince. BECAUSE HE LOVES VINCE! Is Piven a jerk in real life? DDD: Then again, Ari is too and I LOVE HIM. I WANT TO MARRY HIM. ♥