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30 December 2009 @ 04:24 pm
Miles, Mystery and Mayhem, Lois McMaster Bujold
(Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, Labyrinth)

Cetaganda is probably my favourite book so far in the series - well, bar Ethan of Athos - because it does something I love to read: getting behind the villain to show the person.

The Cetagandans are officially my favourite race in this universe. Could be I'm just easy for singing technicolour frogs, but - SINGING TECHNICOLOUR FROGS! That glow in the dark! You had me at the garden. Barrayar is so brutal and Beta Colony so ... clean, or something, while Jackson's Whole is too dirty - nope, Cetaganda is MY choice. I approve of the pursuit of aesthetics as the ultimate aim of humanity, lol.

"I'm not really qualified to judge aesthetics," Miles mentioned, hoping to head off any conversation in that direction.
"So very few are," smiled Yenaro, "but that doesn't stop them."

I wonder if my book 'reviews' count?

If Miles had owned a tail, it would have twitched. As it was, he stilled a tapping boot.

I LOVE this description of Miles. It fits him so perfectly.

Reading Cetaganda and Labyrinth together is a bit annoying, because they both hinge on Miles' amazing (almost Gary Stu-ish) capability to luck his way out of unlucky situations. I'm still not sure I actually like this series - aside from the SINGING TECHNICOLOUR FROGS - because it doesn't have enough wit to balance out the Great Escape shenanigans, but I still end up reading avidly when I get one, so.

Guerillas, it seemed, did not speak to mercenaries, nor smugglers to revolutionaries; the Gnostic Saints, of course, spoke only to the One True God, and perhaps to Baron Fell.


My laboratories can duplicate anything, sir." Ryoval smiled at the implied challenge.
"Except originality. By definition."

Maybe THAT'S the problem. I can see shadows of Star Wars and Stargate in her writing - I'm sure scifi is all one big circle-jerk of half-authorised 'borrowing', but sometimes I start wondering where Miles/John's Rodney has got to...

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