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When I was in town recently I saw a group of schoolgirls - not in itself such an extraordinary event, but these were obviously from one of the rougher schools. They had all the stigmata: tight ponytails, super-short skirts and, of course, huge gold hoop earrings. (I always wondered why Regina George wanted hoop earrings to be 'her' thing - over here, they are the ultimate in tacky.) They are the sort of girls I wouldn't want to catch the eyes of, even in the middle of the day in a busy street. But as I was standing at the bus stop, my gaze was pretty static. So I saw it when two of the toughest-looking girls crossed the street holding hands.

And I just thought, YAY. If kids like that are able to accept a gay couple in their midst, doesn't that prove that we've come a bit further along the way?

Still wouldn't want to come across them in a dark alley, mind you!
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