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I educated about three separate groups on the idea of 'male privilege' today. It is extra-annoying because I have an imperfect understanding of the concept myself, but I tried to explain it in two terms:

1. As a white person, you don't (or very rarely, and possibly in South Africa) get racially discriminated against. Therefore you have privilege.

2. If you can make jokes about something - for example, "Women should stay in the kitchen," "Women's only role in life is to have babies," "We should never have let the women's lib movement happen" - but the group you're joking about hasn't the same recourse to making jokes of equal importance, you're privileged.

I'm probably getting it wrong, but I'm also incoherent with rage. We did group presentations yesterday and one of the topics was 'elective' Caesarean section. My stance was that no obstetrician has the right to decide what is done with a woman's uterus (although obviously, you can urge them in a certain direction based on sound medical reasoning). This was the kind of shit I got in return. My tutor suggested I become a medico-legal barrister, which, WHAT.

On a lighter note, I have cut down my list of career choices to internal medicine or paediatrics. Internal medicine, however, covers a LOT of subspecialities. It's probably unlikely that anyone here has resources for careers in medicine, but you MIGHT have something on ... general careers advice? If so, please link.

In conclusion: JOHNNY WEIR! That is all.
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