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P = MD

I HAVE ONE EXAM TO GO AND I'M A DOCTOR LOLOLOL THIS IS ENDLESSLY LOL TO ME AND SHOULD BE TO EVERYONE I KNOW. How fortunate it is that I'm unlikely to treat anyone on here ... I have the BCh and BAO parts of my degree down, biatches. I just need the MD, next Tuesday.

Meantime, I got the formspring. I don't imagine there's any questions people would like to ask me there that they wouldn't here, or at all - I've been purposely a-fannish for the last six months in order to become the lol!doctor. I'm not surprised there's a fall-off in interest, although I hope for my own sake to be writing again within the week! Yay! For me!

I just had a lot of Red Bull for the drive home. I thought you should know.
Tags: random cat is random, work is much more fun than fun

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