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The Sea, John Banville


After his wife's death, a man goes back to the seaside resort where his childhood friends drowned. BECAUSE THAT IS SO TOTALLY LOGICAL. There's a 'twist' that you can see coming miles down the road, like a big fucking articulated lorry. What is it with twins and Bookers?!

The main character, whose name I have mercifully forgotten, is the most hideous fictional character I've ever come across.

My daughter, a fastidious spinster - alas, I am convinced she will never marry

That is something I have always found with women, wait long enough and one will have one's way.

I would cruelly beat poor Pongo, for the hot, turmid pleasure I derived from its yelps of pain and supplicatory squirmings.

It was imperative that I save her from herself and her faults.

To give the book its due, it does give a reasonable account of the experience of a cancer patient.

A doctor must be as good an actor as a physician.

True ... but why is Dr 'Todd' an 'appropriate' name for an oncologist?

But she was not in pain, not yet; there was only what she described as a general sense of agitation, a sort of interior fizzing, as if her poor, baffled body were scrabbling about inside itself, desperately throwing up defences against an invader that had already scuttled in by a secret way, its shiny back pincers snapping.

Q: What is it about hospital rooms that makes them so seductive?


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