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09 April 2010 @ 10:09 pm
paddy clarke ha ha ha, Roddy Doyle

I read this directly after The Sea, another Booker winner from an Irish author. But while Banville did everything possible to hide his Irish roots and made his book so amorphous it could have been set in Cape Cod or Cornwall, Roddy Doyle is at least recognisably Irish. His children are also believable as horrible little sods. In fact, this book could come second to condoms as the perfect method of contraception.

- This is our field, I said again.
I kicked him.


- The Holy Family went to Eygpt when Herod was after them.
- That's right. There's always work for carpenters.


I still don't understand why the father left. I mean, he got to beat up his wife and she let him; isn't that the perfect situation for a domestic abuser? *shrug*

... at least it's Irish. Yeah.

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