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Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales

Wow, it's amazing how tiresome and repetitious fairy tales become when they're shifted slightly in geography and not at all in plot. And how little they feature fairies. Other things I learned: African fairy tales are all about lions - you'd think there were no other animals on the continent - and Inuits are kinky motherfuckers. All I knew about them before was that they had 5,607 words for snow, something a lot of romantic stories bring up like it's at all relevant.

The final thing I learned was that fairy tales are all about rewarding people because they're beautiful and punishing them if they're not. Which is totally ridic. If you're unpleasant and ugly, fine; but it does not go without saying that if you're one you're the other. I know the dude who wrote Wicked has addressed this in various formats, but I think there's plenty of room for others to step up to the mark, as I didn't enjoy the book Wicked AT ALL. (I concede that the musical version may be better, but without any authority for such a pronouncement.)

I got nearly everyone to read the story of Sermerssuaq before our obs clinic, however, and I must say it really put us in the mood.

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