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my life is NFR

Look at his VEINS! They would be a joy to cannulate. A blessing the like of which has probably not been seen outside of his Church. Yes, it's happened: the vein-watching. I do it on buses, at posters, in the gym, at every new person I meet.

Last night I worked a 25 hour shift. Tomorrow I will work a twenty hour shift. It is a bank holiday here and no one is even on facebook because they're all off having fun. There is no part of my life which does not suck right now, but when I was in the candy store stocking up for the evening (looking pretty hollow-eyed and crazed, judging by the looks I got), I saw that the lotto jackpot tonight is 2.5 million. I never buy lotto cards because I am creeped out by gambling, but I thought I should, because 2.5 MILLION. And then I thought, "Well, would it change my management?" And the answer was no. I'm not sure what that means, except that I spent three euro on marshmallows and nothing on lottery tickets and I'm very, very tired.

(Last night a patient said I had the most beautiful hair she'd ever seen. This is less funny than if you had actually seen what my hair looked like last night - a cross between electrocution and a perm. I think she might have been a psych patient. Either that or she needed ophthalmological review...)

Reading Un Dun Lun makes me feel like my imagination has turned into this fat slothful thing that should have been going to the gym for the last decade but instead sat around poisoning itself on chicklit. IT IS QUITE DEPRESSING.

As a social experiment: if you have a min, watch this and see if you find it chokingly funny or not (preliminary reports suggest not).

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