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28 August 2010 @ 09:50 pm
This Book Will Save Your Life, A.M. Homes

There is a phenomenon we baby doctors have discovered. It is called the 'post-call binge', wherein, dazed and mindless after working the equivalent of three days straight with no sleep and no break and constant walking, you go into a shop and buy shit you don't want or need. That's how I ended up with this book. In my defence, it has a very tempting cover filled with doughnuts.

It also has a bewitching premise: an enchanted-princess stockbroker hides away from life in his mansion, never going out or seeing people until one day he gets a terrible pain and fears he'll die of it. He goes to the ER and is thus reconnected with life! Also: doughnuts.

At least, that's what the blurb implies. As usual, it lies. Most of this book feels like sitting in a noisy, busy cafe listening in on the conversations of a bunch of borderline personalities disorders have a competition in histrionics. None of the events seem connected in any way, nor is there a unifying theme. The ending, which seems to imply that the whole of Los Angeles is about to slide into the sea, is ridiculous.

Richard remembers the Bar Mitzvah - he doesn't remember Ben being 'husky.' He sat with his parents, his brother and his sister-in-law, and felt like a complete outsider. He sat with his parents while she and Ben sat with their two hundred best friends, and he paid the bill. He should have been angry, and yet he felt grateful to be invited at all.

Oh, and did I mention the main character is a twit?

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